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Summer Dreams
Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams

1 Review

Summer Dreams

Phil Johnson is a skinny 15 year old with curly brown hair, dreamy hazel eyes, white tank top and red swim trunks. He loved the summertime. He can hang out with his allies and chase the young ladies at the beach. Phil always seems to dream about this young lady name Vicky. Every summer he dreams about Vicky. She's an adolescent, sweet sixteen, beautiful, light-haired hair, rides a 94 yellow Mercedes Benz and loves Madonna.

Phil is over his buddy's Carlos home catching some Zs on the couch. He is dreaming about Vicky. Come on, Phil, let's go to the nude beach says Vicky. Vicky, I have a surprise for you, grins Phil. Wow, I love surprises, what is it? He pulled out a 20k tennis bracelet. It's beautiful Phil, you're such a nice and thoughtful guy. OK, Phil, I have a surprise for you, grins Vicky. Close your eyes, no peeking, Phil. She took off her bikini top. She had double breasts, he opened his brownish eyes,by telling Phil to be free and suck my breasts, be delicate now. They were soft and bouncy like water balloons at a carnival. Phil sucked on them like a watermelon. Phil waked up, wake up, man. You dreaming again, you dreaming about Vicky says Carlos. Man, that girl got you sprung, laughs Carlos.

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14 Jan, 2018
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1 min
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