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Summer Fun

Summer Fun

By Bitter

Water went everywhere as I plunged into the cool lake one hot, summer afternoon.
The refreshing liquid surrounded my body as I made contact, instantly relaxing me. Swimming was my favourite summer activity.
I crawled out of the water and waved to my dad, who was on the dock beside the small cliff I was diving off of. I climbed up the rock and got ready to jump again. I hit the water with amazing speed while doing a pencil dive.
I went too fast because just then, my feet landed in a bush of seaweed.
I struggled to swim up put my left foot was tangled in the weed.
I panicked and struggled even more, getting my other foot caught in the plant. My breath escaped my throat in a scream. My mind raced. I reached down and tried to untangle my foot. I jerked my right foot out of the plant, but the plant shot up and grabbed it again, yanking it back down.
If the water wasn't murky, I swear that I saw it swirling around my legs.
I felt the water start to crush my lungs, and my vision became blurry.
The seaweed had made it's way up to my waist, squeezing the remaining air out of me.
I swallowed water and began to choke. The seaweed was up to my neck now, and I was 15 feet under water.
I swear I heard the laughter of the devil my heart stopped beating.

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About This Story
17 Aug, 2011
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1 min
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