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Summer Trip

Summer Trip

By tjhlax

It's the beginning of summer, the weather is getting nice, schools are letting kids out, weekend BBQs. The perfect time for a fishing trip. You decide you need a break from reality so you start packing your car with everything you need for a camping trip with some friends. Five minutes from home you hope you didn't forget anything important. The weekend forecast is perfect conditions to do a little bit of fishing. The vibe in the car is filled with excitement of who is going to catch the most and biggest fish.
You arrive at the camp and you unpack everything you need. You start to set up the tent which always seems to be a struggle. Its late in the afternoon and the sun is just about to go down. The sky looks beautiful with different shades of blues. You decide its time to start the fire and start making some smores. You put the marshmallow on the end of your stick and put it above the fire. You look away for 5 seconds look back and your marshmallow is on fire! You blow it out, its completely blackened so you decide to start over. This time it comes out a perfect golden brown and you make your smore. The first bite in the taste brings you back to when you went camping as a young child. The fire starts to die out and everyone decides its time to go to sleep so you can wake up early for the fishing trip.
Ring Ring. Your alarm goes off you wake up, you unzip your tent and you look outside. The sun is just starting to rise and the water is shining. You grab a quick bite of a breakfast bar. Everyone gets all their fishing equipment and loads it into the boat on the dock. You untie the boat from the dock and set off to find a good fishing spot. You find a nice spot down the lake a little bit and throw your bait into the water expecting a fish right away. Everyone starts to catch some little fish none too big. You Stay out on the water for a few hours, but keep catching little fish nothing to bring home. You decide to have one last cast before you head in. You start reeling it in with no hope. When all of a sudden a huge pike jumps out of the water to take your bait. Your rod bends and you fear it breaking. Your reeling in as fast as you can but its putting up a tough fight, jumping out of the water and pulling in different directions. after a few moments you can tell its tired and you reel it in. You pull it out of the water and hold it taking a bunch of pictures with it. You decide your gonna take it home and have it put on your wall as a trophy.
You head back to the campgrounds with your fish in the boat. You start to pack everything up because its time to go home. You can't wait to show everyone your trophy fish so you decide your going to throw a party to show it off hanging above your fireplace.
You wake up to a loud noise. Your eyes open and you realize your in your own bed, you run downstairs and look above your fireplace and see no fish. It was all a dream and worst of all its monday morning and your late for work.

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About This Story
9 Jun, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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