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A Summers Night

A Summers Night

By Simon Cowell

A summers night , do I look alright , too late for doubts , your times ran out , jump in the car , its not that far , soon be there , will he care , im getting near , no time for fear , lets turn back , am i on the right track , trust my heart , thats a good place to start , we've never met , I place a bet , take your time , im sure things will be fine , too late to dissapear , hes already here , I see his smile , i like his style , dressed to impress , i hope for sucsess , h...e held my hand , I finally understand , the man ive been searching for , a mystery no more , A hug and a kiss , but no more than this , the perfect gent , my angels sent , my one true love , from god above , the time is wrong , i must be strong ,he will return , the flame forever burns , my soulmate , forever ill wait , ill stay alive , i will survive , you had to go , the reason i know , your love was true , as mine was too , take my heart ,and when you return never again we shall part .......... Gavin my one and only love by Simon Andrew Cowell

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About The Author
Simon Cowell
About This Story
24 Apr, 2014
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<1 min
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