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Sunny Betti The Vampire chapter 1

Sunny Betti The Vampire chapter 1

By K.Z.fine

The clouds blocked the bright sun that seemed to hang there. "Sunny wait up." A deep voice cried. She turned around to see her best friend, one eyed Joe. He was a large boy his shoulders that fell back into a stump. Over the years Joe hadn't really changed. His black hair did seemed to be less messy but his missing one eye still made him the ugliest boy in school. Sunny always felt bad that he had to be born like that. The giant boy walked over to Sunny. He had know that she had been worried. I guess I can't just wonder off for weeks at a time and think she will not think anything about it he thought. "Come on Joe, we're about to be late. You might want to pick up the speed." Sunny said. Joe grinned coldly. Most days he would have ran as fast as he could hoping not to miss their spelling test. But today Sunny would no longer be human. He should have felt bad for he did but he couldn't get over the fact that his only friend would join them soon. Out of nowhere dark clouds covered what was left of the clear sky. "Hey Joe do you know if the weather man said anything about rain." Sunny said sadly. She had always wanted the sun to be shining like it had been when she was born. " Joe. Joe!" Joe was laughing in was a sad laugh though. Sunny knew that when Joe laughed it was really a cover up for sobbing. But why was he sobbing. The sky was black and everyone around them was frozen in time. It was as if someone had toke a remote and pressed pause. The darkness closed around Sunny. She could feel her arms getting lighter and her feet were lifting off the ground. Sunny tired to scream but dust filled her lungs. Suddenly the storm stopped and Sunny dropped to her knees. No one but her and one eyed Joe seemed to notice the horrible storm. Her body went numb. Her teeth hurt the worst. She felt it there were two pointed ends. Sunny turned to Joe with tears in her eyes. Joe flashed his pointed teeth. "What's going on here Joe!" " well every year the leaders of the 10 largest vampire groups get to pick 10 new people to become vampires." Joe said blankly. Joe looked like the role of a vampire, with his jet black hair and brown eye. Sunny on the other hand liked or looked anything black or scary. Sunny was born with blond curls and light blue ocean eyes. "Nice joke Joe. What's next your mom's a mermaids. Joe cut it out how did you make my teeth all pointy?" He shock his head. "It's real. Here watch." The dark haired walked up to a small woman and with a smile he flashed his fangs and aimed for her neck. 

Author Notes: Hey I'm K.Z fine it's my story hope you like it. Hey if anyone rates this story. I'll write chapter 2. I'm sorry if it's bad.

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30 Apr, 2014
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2 mins
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