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Sunny Betti The Vampire Chapter Two

Sunny Betti The Vampire Chapter Two

By K.Z.fine

Sunny watched in horror as one eyed Joe stunk his teeth into her pale skin. The woman's head fell only her body stood standing. "You're never remember this. Just walk away happily." Her woman nodded her head and walked off. Joe turned to his blond friend who looked like she could fait at any second. "Let me explain before you go all crazy on me. There are two types of vampires human haters most of them have vampire parent s and human lovers who were bitten. Every time we bit somebody their mind falls under our control. It's kind of scary. Any questions?" Sunny felt like a student and Joe was the teacher and he was trying to teach her Japanese. "I never got bitten and I'm pretty sure my mom and dad aren't vampires." "That storm was human haters one of them bit you. This might be my fault I should have joined the Red Riders. If I hadn't hung out with you so much you might be human. The human haters think vampires should only hang out with vampires." Sunny felt like dying. "I'm going home." She said. "You can't anyone who knew you will forget about you." He's joking she thought. She pulled out a yellow phone and dialed her mother. "Hello." Answered a high pitched tone. This was her mom's voice. "Hey mom it's Sunny sorry I didn't call you earlier." "Who is this? I don't know anyone named Sunny. Are you trying to sell me something?" Before Sunny could answer took the phone and ended the call. "I bet mom was joking. Amy will remember me." Joe shock his head. Just then the streets filled with the sound of loud roars. One eyed Joe cussed and grabbed her hand but the roars keep getting closer. Sunny looked behind her and saw two boys riding full speed on bug like creatures. "Hey Eliot, check out Joe's new girl!" He said. He did a back flip and landed on his feet in front of Joe. "I'm gonna make you wish you were never born." 

Author Notes: Hey you know my name so I'm not going to say it anyway rate this and I'll write chapter three. Please rate I love writing these stories.

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9 May, 2014
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