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Super Heroes
Super Heroes

Super Heroes

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We can't climb like Spiderman
won't fly like Superman
Aren't geniuses like Batman
or as fast as the Flash.

They are just works of fiction
Made up beings to entertain us
Protectors of justice and peace
like we won't ever be

Why do we believe that is true?
Who said we couldn't be a hero to some?
Are not the paramedics and firemen saving lives?
What about the military and police protecting us?

They aren't super powered
can't fly or climb
not going to break mach 2 jogging
but they're still being heroes right?

Clark Kent, Peter Parker
Bruce Wayne, and Barry Allen
Those 4 men are ordinary to the public
Their secret deeds aren't given notice
So does that make them less of a hero?

A hero is someone who is noble and helps others
So couldn't we all be heroes in hiding?
No one said you had to be recognized for helping someone
No one says you will be praised for it either

We all could be heroes
regardless of your gender and race
or what you believe in
Simply try to help those around you
And expect nothing in return for what you've done

Now some people will hate you
Others might thank you
Some won't acknowledge it
So just take it in stride
cause you'll know when you cause more strife
and when you better their lives you'll know as well

Heroes aren't born
and society doesn't make them
Every individual can be one
Its your choice to be a hero

The greatest of heroes could be those who die saving others
The greatest of heroes could be those who cure the incurable
The greatest heroes are those who help in the simplest and most repetitive ways
For they are forgotten even though they often did the most.

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20 Nov, 2018
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