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Superheroes and Villains-Part Eight
Superheroes and Villains-Part Eight

Superheroes and Villains-Part Eight

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Scarrlett's pov.)

I feel a weight on my chest and around my waist. I open my eyes and realize that the weight on me is Eden's head and her arm around my waist. She has a peaceful look about her, her body relaxed, and her breathing heavy. I feel panic rise in my chest and then remeber my parents and brother will not be home for a week.

I relax back into the bed, wrapping my arm around her waist, and pulling a small blanket over the two of us. She groans and open her eyes, smiling at me. She sits up, stretches, and lays back down beside me. " Good morning," I smile in response. "Are you hungry?" She nods, I hop up, and grab her hand leading her down to the kitchen.

I pull all the ingredients out of the cabinets and refridgerator. Eggs, milk, pancake mix, and blueberries. I begin to cook the eggs and blueberry pancakes. I pour her a glass of milk and slide it over with her plate of eggs and blueberry pancakes. "I didn't know you could cook." She says, taking a big bite, and practically melting.

I laugh,"I don't exactly shout it from the roof tops." She tilts her head, raising an eyebrow. "I don't know why," then her face falls as she realizes. "Our whole future is planned out for us. It is unfair," She says and takes a slow sip of her glass of milk. I nod,"yeah. My brother loves it but not me." She nods,"They don't really care about our wants just there on." I nod,"yeah. They are kind of assholes."

She laughs and takes a big bite of eggs and pancake. She gets up and walks towards me, I back up, and hit a wall. My breath hitching as she gets closer and closer, my hands sweating slightly, and my body freezing.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoy

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Lemon Drop
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3 Feb, 2021
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