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Superheros and Villains-Part Seven
Superheros and Villains-Part Seven

Superheros and Villains-Part Seven

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Eden Snowś pov.)

Scarrlett´s eyes are settled on the t.v, her fist blocking her mouth, feet up in the air, back rigid, hair falling in a curtain around her, and a half- pained expression on her face. The t.v in her room is playing some cliche as hel scary movie, I can feel my limbs growing heavy and my eyelids closing themselves.

¨Scarrlett,¨ I mumble, trying to get her attention. ¨Do you mind if I spend the night?¨ The comforter ruffels as she gets up,¨um. Sure. Do you want something to sleep in?¨ I shake my head and lay down on her bed. The room goes dark and silent. She lays down, mere inches away. I turn over, scooting closer to her, and rapping my arms around her.

She freezes then raps her arm around my waist and pulls me closer. My head resting on her chest. her arms around me mine around her, and our legs tangled together. I feel my body giving out and fading into hers.

She smells of sage and rose, her skin soft and smooth, her body warm and comfortable.

Author Notes: Sorry for the wait. Hope you like it.

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Lemon Drop
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1 Feb, 2021
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