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Survival Of The Fittest Part.1

Survival Of The Fittest Part.1

By Leet

"Dude! Hurry up I wanna go!"  "Okay alright, just let me get the bag!" Meet Eric and Ryan two guys with a deep friendship between each other. They were going to travel to Italy. "HURRY UP!!!!"  "Okay you don't have to yell!" Eric raced out of the apartment door. 5 minutes later, Ryan looked at the apartment numbers "561" They read. Eric started the car, Ryan raced down to call shotgun. He called the second seat. Eric looked at Ryan grimly. "Fine I'll drive" Ryan said while sighing. Ryan took the wheel and sped off. While Eric dozed off in the second seat, Ryan had to drive for two hours straight. Ryan snapped his fingers very loudly until Eric woke up from the two hour nap. Eric wiped the drool off of his face and said "The airport? Already?" "Yes already now get out of the car." They both ran to the entrance while holding two plane tickets in their hands. Just before flight 21 had taken off to Italy they both ran in. Eric took the big bulky bag off of Ryan's back. They both sat in their seats, soon they were sleeping in the seats. They were woken up by a large shake of the plane everyone went crazy. The plane suddenly split in half. Everything went black. "Where are we?" They both said.

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13 Mar, 2014
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1 min
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