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Survived Breast Cancer

Survived Breast Cancer

By vernetta3256

June 2006, I was watching Oprah and Melissa Ethridge was a guess. She was describing to Oprah what her breast lump felt like before she was diagnosed with cancer. I felt the exact same lump as she did in my own breast but didn't think much of it because I have a history of fibroids and in order to feel the lump I had to turn a certain way. I had had a mammogram in November of 2005 and nothing was found.
About a week later I asked my husband to check to see if he felt anything and he thought that was a sign of me wanting to be intimate. :-) The next day I went to work and asked a couple of my close coworkers to check to see if they felt it. They did and I called my dr when her office opened.
I told her I felt a lump where it was located and what it felt like, she told me she would check my previous mammogram and would call me later.
Within the next hour, the nurse in her office called me and said they had scheduled me a visit to see a surgeon for a biopsy of the lump.
That visit was scheduled the third week in July and on July 31,2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I endured 6 rounds of chemo and 12 weeks of radiation. I have had no signs of cancer since my last treatment, but due to one of the chemo drugs enlarging my heart, I now live with congestive heart failure.
This seems to be a more dificult thing for me to handle than the cancer because this I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.
I am doing ok with medications and a change in diet and exercise and the support of my family, friends and drs, but it is still very dificult.
I can say that I take every day as a blessing and don't stress about the small stuff.

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10 Mar, 2012
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