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Sweet Revenge I & II

Sweet Revenge I & II

By myjhersey17

Part I. Execution of a not-so-planned Evil Plan

Saturday, 7:36 pm.

The night is a bit chilly, perfect for everyone out for their own weekend leisure. Not everyone on this busy avenue is out for a good time, though.

For the last thirteen months and eighteen days Ria was in a oppsy-doppsy-cloud-nine love relationship. And ironically, once it occurs to you that it could last forever, it ends right away. Two weeks ago with tears in his eyes Jett his boyfriend left her. Of course, he told her the overused consolation “it’s not you it’s me” but it never help her into thinking that it was her fault that he left. She was depressed for a week but on the week after, she’s furious, news is out, her cute-rueful ex-boyfriend has a new girl.


Fortunately our bright girl Ria knows just how to perfectly kick Jett’s big arrogant a**. It was clear to her that after six months of loyal relationship she was outdone by his unspoken number one his black Subaru Impreza.

At first it was tolerable.

“What, what’s that? Why would you need to learn how to drive, I’m here, right? Your personal chauffer.”

But the next time…
“No, no honey please don’t touch that!”

The next…
“Oh no!, not the ice cream..”

Ahhh… what the? Even the dog!
“WHAT?! Love, we can never take Jam on our road trip!”

He’s not even a nice boyfriend after all, he’s just cute.

And Ria made up her mind to never let go of her cute ex without a BANG.

“Just keep your eyes on the black Impreza” she whispered as if plotting a heinous crime with the cab driver.

She gritted her teeth realizing that the car was on its way to a fancy hotel restaurant she’d never been to.

She tied her hair up and put on a cap to hopefully hide her identity. She get a tight grip on her brother’s baseball bat.

“You can drop me over there” she muttered.

“Are you sure you’ll be having your baseball practice in here?” the most-likely-beginning-to-suspect cab driver asked.

“uhuuh! you have no idea how big the parking lot is” she answered.

The driver quickly drives away at her formidable expression.

She couldn’t hide the sinister smile on her face thinking of the devastated visage of her ex after seeing his most beloved car completely wrecked.

Ha, ha. He’ll probably cry for a week or so.

And there it is, on the darkest part of the parking area. Just perfect.

She aimed for the left window, and then sways the bat as hard as she could.

Part II. Mistakes and Failure, you wouldn’t want to be in her place, or perhaps would you?

The window cracked and the bat slides down to the side mirror, shattered glasses tinkling as it hit the floor. She was so into the moment she never heard the car alarm after three hits.

Oh shoot! Did he already have the car alarm fixed? She freaked out.

Before her mind could even process the word Run! It’s too late.

“No, no, no, no, No!!! MAN! What’s wrong with you???!!!!”

The unfamiliar, exasperated voice came nearer, next thing she knew a tight grip on her arm force her to look back.

“What the?.. a girl?”

“Who, who are you?”

“I never knew that there exist a hobby of randomly ruining the car of people you don’t know?” she missed noticing his fascinated expression.

“Oh my God, I did not check the plate, did I? This is yours?” she muttered slightly finger pointing at the mess she did.

“Yes doll and also the one to be killed by my own father, yeah, it is I”

“Oh my God. Oh my..”

“Sir is everything ok?” the security guard in an almost run joins the scene.

“No!” he looked at her.

Of course she can’t look back, stupid and embarrassing, what have she done?
Is her story going to end in the prison? If only she could just evaporate at the moment.

“Of course not, my girl here insisted that I was out with another girl, she’s so jealous that she hit my poor car and wants to break it into pieces…”

“I’m not..”

“Shut up doll, I never knew you love me this much?” he smiled. What a good actor. She was stunned for moment, realizing that the guy was trying to help her.

But isn’t this too much of a drama especially when he held her close, he’s almost a foot taller than her that he needed to bow down a bit so that his lips were almost touching her hair while he whispered.

“Please trust me… or maybe we can just both go to prison and live there together forever.”

Yuck, she couldn’t take it.

“What?” She pushed him away. “Who wants to go to prison?... with, with you?”

He was laughing.
“Sir, we would like to stay away from prison, Thank you.”

The guard scratching his head slowly turned back and walked away.

“What the…, what the heck?” Ria annoyingly screamed unsure what really is happening.

“Yes, what? what are we going to do with this mess? I haven’t even heard a single sorry from the delinquent who dragged me into this.”

“Sorry! I’m so sorry don’t worry I’ll pay for the repair but.. but..” she can’t held it back, she looked up and brushed away the tears.

And right when she taught she reclaim her composure she took a deep breath to just let it out..
“hooo… in installments!”

“Are you trying to beg for sympathy?”

“No, of course not! Not at all, please will you?”

“I’m a good listener you know, plus you might wanna go home and avoid more people asking what happened here, and I can give a ride with my destroyed Impreza.”

“Please, heheh… I can’t even break the window!

The guy opened the door for her and one by one the glasses fell.

“Oh my God!”

“Geez, it did break.”

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15 Jun, 2011
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5 mins
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