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Sweet Revenge III

Sweet Revenge III

By myjhersey17

Part III. Is this a good karma or bad?

“Ha ha ha… that’s hilarious!” Patrick was laughing so hard that he almost choked and die.

“Aren’t you being so insensitive, he-he-h God, I’m so pathetic,” Ria covered her face with her hands, her cheeks were burning red.

It’s all laughters after her long not-so-tragic love story. She couldn’t believe she let it all out to the guy he just met, he seems familiar though, she thought. She’s comfortable with him and she won’t deny the fact that what happened made her feel livelier.

“I’m sorry, but you know I have never met anyone who is capable of doing that! I guess your something else” still chuckling at every word.

“Yeah, I guess I don’t use my head. Maybe it’s because I’m dumb, that’s why he left me.”

Swooosh, the dead air of negativity passed by and kill about 30 seconds of the time.

“You’re awesome.. ah, what’s your name?”

“Ria, I shared my most distressing moment with a stranger, is that good or bad?”

“If I continuously bug you until you pay, I think I wouldn’t be a stranger anymore, Patrick”

“Coronacion village, right?”

“Yup, now I know why you offer me a ride home.” She jokingly glared at him.

“But of course, I can never risk letting you out of my sight.” He sheepishly grinned but in a moment shift into a serious frame.

“But tell me, honestly, do you regret it?”


“That you broke my car instead of his?”

“I should… right? But I don’t think I do.” staring at nothing outside the windshield’s direction.

“Aww, you’re one mean girl” in a hurt voice but smiling.

“right here is good, thank you for the ride.”

He stopped the car, when she was about to get out she pressed on the side of the car seat.

“Wait! Your number!”

“Ouch.” She looked at him, pained.

“ouch?” despite the throbbing soreness on her palm she almost laugh at his confused look.

“Karma is sure fast.” She slowly revealed the inch size cut on her right hand. Obviously some of the window’s broken glass was left by the passenger seat.

He grabbed her hand quickly and inspect the wound.

“Stupid! Why did I let you sit right there? I’m very sorry.”

“oh no, it’s my fault, I deserve it,”

For a moment he took his glance away from the small prick and gaze almost right through her eyes, sending something indecipherable with any of the approximately 7,000 languages that the world now used.

“Nobody deserves to be hurt!”

She was startled on the intensity of the way he reacted. She almost wanted to cry, somehow it seems like those words have double meaning. She couldn’t help but be stirred by him, his presence, his concern.

She was so proud of herself for having endured her feelings while he was tying his handkerchief on her ailing palm.

“There! Or I could drive you to the nearest hospital right now!”

“ha-ha! Seriously, I’ve had enough of my most embarrassing moments today. Can I, at last have a break now?”

“Ok then, hep-hep number, mobile, landline, email? The infiltrator might escape!” his eyes following her walked from the right side of the road to his side of the window, offered his phone with a silly pout.

“You really wanted to stalk me, don’t you?” typing her number while Pat was busy punching holes on her face.

“I surely do! Do you see that?” his right point finger on the damage done but his eyes still on that same object of attention.

“see ya!”

“yep, sure you will.”

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About This Story
17 Jun, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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