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Sweet Revenge IV

Sweet Revenge IV

By myjhersey17

Part IV.

What a long day.

Ria slumped into her bed right after properly treating the wound on her hand. She put a band aid on it but she still tie Patrick’s handkerchief.

She was aware how pathetic she looks but that won’t help her avoid staring at her right hand and the guy’s red handkerchief.

She’s one of those after10pm people, its past 12 already and she should be sleeping but hell or heaven? She can’t.

She looked at her phone. Is she missing the guy? Is she waiting for a message from him?
While in the middle of pondering between yes or no, the mere vibration of her phone echoed into the room.

Unknown number, it’s him, a wish and declaration. Before her celebrating heart could calm down the night returned to the state were everybody is surely dozing.

She almost let out a curse for the disappointment.

“You think I can’t do this, let me surprise you with my skills.” She knows she won’t be able to sleep if she didn’t do it, she took the phone and type

“Why are you calling?”

Just after the some short moments he replied back.

“Ehem.. Excuse me but I’m not calling, I’m MISSed calling. So you’re a night person.”

“HAHA.. what is missed calling anyway?, No, not really. I rarely see my electronic clock going beyond 11:00 pm believe me”

“Me too, for some reason I just can’t sleep tonight. And btw Missed calling is done when you miss someone”

She can feel something tickle her heart but tries to fight it.

“Enough of “that” Casanova, I maybe, was once, for a super short moment forced to be the freakishly-crazy-for-you girlfriend you’ve been dreaming of, but right now, its reality, the show is over. He-he”

“You really are one frigid, NO, super frigid girl, you have no heart at all, hu-hu, but you sure do love Jett to have planned all of that.”

“Not really, it’s just redeeming my titanic pride that bumped into that humungous iceberg.”

“Lie, you can never hate someone that much if you didn’t love that someone as much.”

Thirty minutes. She was sitting on her bed without motion. She hate his too much honesty that easily unraveled by her. All those trying not to cry moments were poured. All her self motivation ‘I’m strong, I can do it’ banished and the truth was left, she’s weak and vulnerable.

She cried, just like that first night of her first heart break, without a sound but full of unstopping tears. But there’s an intangible difference that she feels but doesn’t have any idea of. Those tears on her first heartbreak were for him leaving her alone, but today’s tears were for leaving her old self, the one who can’t move on from her first love.

“Hey, still there? Since I have to go early to work because I have to take the bus, because you know, my beloved perfect ride is not so perfect anymore, because of some girl, help me stay up till 5 am.”

“Nope I’m asleep! Can I just wake you up? Don’t worry I’ll get my paycheck by two Fridays from now.”

“Ok, you’ll have to be my alarm clock till that day.”

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About This Story
17 Jun, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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