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Sweet Revenge V

Sweet Revenge V

By myjhersey17

Part V. Every person has his/her own definition of Miracle.

They didn’t meet until that Friday because of their busy work, both pretentiously busy one. But more than half of their life they were able to share in an almost two weeks of exchanging text messages and calls.

Silly, right?

But you can never blame one from getting terrified of the verdict for exposing his true feelings and the other for worrying about falling on that same gloomy pit she had just recently climb her way out.

They met on a mall.

“What’s up with the new color of your car? You can’t charge that from me, you know.” Ria voicing out the question just after he parked the now green Impreza.

“What? But this is for you, so you cannot remember the bad memories while I’m giving you a ride home everyday.” Patrick explaining with exaggerated hand gestures.

“what memories? Maybe it’s your bad memories? And its Green!”

“Wrong, mine is all good. And I love green. What will you feed me?”

“Anything! But that will be deducted from my payment”

“What? That’s not kind at all but I’m hungry, let’s just get some burgers.”

After devouring the burgers with good laughs, Ria surrender the check from the pocket of her hand bag. The outcome of the wrong kick back she attempted, the only reminder of what started it all, their remaining connection. The debt will be paid today. Is this the end?

“I was able to gather all the money to pay the cost of fixing the window and the side mirror. Here’”

“You know what? You really are cute. I was shocked it’s not obvious but, I am a gentleman.”

“Yeah, and I’m indebted.” Still offering the check.

“Hmm.. What if you just pay me in other ways, he-he.”

She smiled at the joke but wouldn’t take back the money.

“Really, we own a Repair Shop. We fix cars. I’m sorry if you might think I cheated you to come here, but I just need to see you again.. and again.” He was almost begging.

She can’t put it into words but she really wanted him to get the check, or any payment he wants, even if it’s not worth the prize she got, for it wasn’t only the car that she ruined that he fixed but also her heart.

She felt incredibly indebted, unaware of how grateful the guy in front of her was on the miracle that of all the Black Subaru Impreza in the world, it was his car that got smashed by her baseball bat.

This ending is the beginning of a silly but romantically-in-love relationship.

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About This Story
17 Jun, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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