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sy and i !

sy and i !

By goosey1727

it was my first day at a new school it was the typical ruten , get out the car and everyone looks at you whispering “that’s the new girl, dude she’s hot” the boys would say and as for the girls “ eww look at what she’s wearing , so last year ” but this did not faze me at all as I was used to it , you see me and my dad would move around a lot and this was my 5 school in 3yrs . I made my way though the school halls just trying to stay invisible, the good thing about always moving was every time you did so , you could invent a new personality . You could join the chess team and be called a geek, be part of the Goths and get called strange, or one of the barbies and be a plastic pretty slut , or be on the track team and be one of the jock girls . It was awesome always inventing a new you, but it got very tiring trying to be someone, so this time I was going to try be me, but who am I ? I’ve had so many different personalities I had forgotten who I was deep inside. So I decided to keep quiet and stay out the way and just find myself again , but that would not be easy after 3yrs of bing someone else . classes went ok I guse as always sit at the back of class and look at everyone and kind of decide where to fit in , there was a realy hot guy in my math’s class which was very rear . a group of realy stupid girls in my chem class and the most boring lit teacher ever! Any ways lunch time came soon enough and I got my lunch and then found a quite place to sit by myself I hadt even been there for 10mins and the boy from my maths class came up to me unfortunately not the hot one and asked “your Joanna right ?” I kinda looked up and said said “jo that’s what my friends call me , well if I had any they would call me jo ” the guy smiled and then said “well Joanna you siting in my place move” I got the impression he was not well liked as every one behind him was laughing and looking our way ,I could see why his manners were inpecerbale , so I just moved up and said “I don’t bit” he sleighed loudly and then sat down next to me , then muttered something about his name bing simon , but if he had any friend they would call him sy . sy was skinny and had dark hair and slightly taller then me and not to bad looking with a very good dress sents . we dint talk at all just sat next to each other eating in dead silent’s . then he got up and said “what you doing this afternoon ?” I rolled my eyes and thought to myself please don’t be asking me out ! “I was thinking of trying out for the track team , then going home” his reply was short and simple “ok good luck” then he walked off , I thought to myself ‘what a swell guy’

when I got to the track I warmed up and then looked around , no matter how many schools you go to it’s the same track , you have the bimbo cheerleaders on one side the jocks who try very hard to concentrate on the rugby game , but somehow their eyes always wounded to the cheerleaders , then the runners the girls are either way to skinny , or look like they on steroids , the boys just look like on steroids then the coaches who try to act like they very interested in their job . I looked up at the bleeckes and saw lots of people with their books a few girls who were trying to get the boys to notice them , little did they know the boys would never , then sy and a few other people reading books , no wait ! my eyes went back to sy he was just sitting there. Freaky!! . the whistle blew and I found my self up against a few other girls who looked like they were the type you find your self staying away from in the dark ally at night . “marks , get set , GO !” the 100m strinlp started I paced out 50meteres then deseeded to start strinting I very easily crossed the finish line first a few split seconds befor every one else , the coach came up to me and said “Joanna that was amazing please would you join our team ?” I smiled and thought very hard about saying ‘il think about it’ but then thought I better be nice and finaly I said in huffs and puffs “ya sure” I looked around to see if sy was still watching me , and of course he was , I run up the bleetches and ran right up to him “so what you think ?”I asked “ya you alright hey” I was kinda hoping for something more so I pointed it out to him I was now in the track team , he still dint sound so impressed , so I left it while I still had some pride and walked off to find my car , I drove home for some reason or an othe sy was on mind , I mean I came first and maid the track team and all he had to say was ‘u alright!’ ahhhh anyways . I got home to an empty house of course and nothing to eat, but once again I was used to this . I walked into my room which was of course still in boxes and collapsed on my bed .

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1 Jan, 2013
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4 mins
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