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By boomman17

-A story I know, and all too well;
I hold a true tale of torture to tell.
-Talking aloud, recalling all type of torment;
Tedious times, tears far from dormant.
-Teased and taunted, trashed, and tricked;
Trounced, trampled, bashed and kicked.
-I tend to have two tendencies transcending tried and true trends;
During tenebrous times can you side with friends?
-Tried, but still trudging almost tireless like a typical titan;
Tense, full of tension, trials and tribulations, stay fighting.
-Troubled, but my method is tried and true;
Not knowing what to do, trapped and torn between the two.
-In a trance, stuck in the tick-tock from the clock of time;
To trust is too tough in this life of mine.
-But still trying, timidly learning tricks of the trade;
And if I fall, there’s no one to come to my aid.
-Taken aback trapped in terror tossing and turning;
Overtaking by toil with a temper burning.
-Through these times of turmoil I still try hard to stay torrid;
But tormented at night in dreams so horrid.
-Hot head while hands tremble, too cold to touch;
Tantalized by triumph, truthfully I haven’t slept much.
-Trekking with temperance but trapped in delay;
Entangled in traffic while time ticks away.
-Through my travels my temper is continuously tested;
And all this time my happiness sits untouched and well rested.
-Only time will tell how this all turns out;
I hope to triumph before my body burns out.
-Tackling the task at hand with tons of tactics and techniques;
Taught and told to hold on the battle could go on for weeks.

-Quintin Bell

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9 Feb, 2012
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1 min
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