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A Tale of Two
A Tale of Two

A Tale of Two

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A long time ago, in another realm, there was a single kingdom. This single kingdom was one of many known as an Entrapment Kingdom. These Entrapment Kingdoms were kingdoms bound by a pact. This is the story of how that pact came to be.

“The swings! The swings!” A small child ran towards some play equipment out towards the fields. It was a couple of planks tied to rope connected to a large tree branch.

“Wait up!” Another small child ran after them. They were best friends, and had known each other since the day they were born. Which is a little less crazy when you consider the fact that they were twins. The branch creaked a little as both children jumped on the little planks. They had a blast swinging. After getting bored of that, they picked up some sticks and had a sword fight with each other.

“Children, dinner is ready!” Their mom called to them from the cottage not too far away.

“Race you!” One of the small children dashed towards the cottage.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” The other one ran after him.

They lived in a small cottage near the edge of the town. It was a small trader town that some of the caravans came to see every passing. They weren’t a rich family, but not necessarily poor. Those two children would be the change of everything.

They were Bjorn and Jarl.

And they were the cause of the pact.

Their true journey starts at their age of 17. They were young men, and even though they shared a close similarity, they took interest in separate things. Bjorn went after what was his father’s trade. His father used to be a monster hunter, a mercenary. Bjorn trained with the sword and other weapons for his young years, and even taught his brother some tricks. Jarl however, went for something different. He took after the trade of his mother. His mother was an herbalist, so upon learning her ways, Jarl learned how to cure certain ailments, and how to treat others. They were still close, and were a fantastic duo.

“C’mon, it’s my first job, I couldn’t do it without my faithful partner.” Bjorn tried to convince Jarl as he worked next to their mom. Bjorn had recently been hired to hunt down a creature that had been terrorizing some villages further out of town.

“I can’t go out yet, the caravans are coming soon and I can’t leave mom here all alone. There is simply too much to do.” Jarl didn’t face Bjorn and instead continued to grind and create mixtures for his mom and her patients.

“Please? I won’t get very far without you.” Bjorn pleaded. Jarl turned.

“You have to promise that you will be here the next passing.” Jarl looked a little annoyed, but you could still see how excited he was to go out monster hunting.

“I promise, I will be here for the next passing.” Bjorn put a fist over his heart. Jarl did the same.

“Okay, sounds good. Let me get some mixtures to help us.” Jarl started to dash around the room and pick up certain bags and vials.

“Ready.” Jarl stood in front of Bjorn with lots of satchels and potions, but weaponless.

“C’mon bro, at least take a sword.” Bjorn tossed Jarl a sword and sheath, and grabbed himself another one. He fastened it on alongside Jarl.

“You ready?” Bjorn asked Jarl as they stood outside of the cottage facing the forest.

“Nope, but you are.” Jarl was good at hiding excitement.

“Sounds good!” Bjorn dashed towards the forest, leaving Jarl behind stunned.

“Ugh, every time.” Jarl sprinted after Bjorn.

Leaves crinkled under their feet as they ran into the forest. They passed old swings and large trees, and the forest slowly got darker as they got farther and farther in. They ended up in an area that was almost as dark as a full moon’s night. Sunlight tried to glitter through the tops of the trees, but only pinholes came through. Every tree looked like twilight.

“Why are we here, instead of searching for tracks?” Jarl asked Bjorn as they patrolled a small section of the twilight forest.

“Because I already know where the beast is, I just wanted you here for the end.” Bjorn grinned as he slashed down a bush to reveal a trampled area of tree. It was a large area, enough where you could get ten paces in before coming to another twilight area.

“What sort of beast are we talking about?” Jarl prepared some sort of mixture by combining some of his satchels and vials.

“A shadow demon.” Bjorn spoke, suddenly growing very serious.

“Are you serious?! You can’t think that just us can kill a shadow demon, we need to get the Viligance involved.” Jarl started to turn and walk away but Bjorn grabbed his arm.

“No, we will be fine, it is a small one, and shouldn’t cause that much damage to us.” Bjorn spoke with utmost certainty.

“Okay then. I trust you.” Jarl turned back to face Bjorn, but still made some more mixtures to be safe.

“It seemed to find a home over here. AHA!” Bjorn shouted in victory as he unveiled a bush to find a large shadow demon curled up, lying on the ground. It was a small one, and was only around the size of a horse. It startled a wake and uncurled itself, revealing large feathered wings and a long neck. It was a scout, something designed to search for something else. It resembled the shape of a bird, but instead of a beak had a large pair of mandibles with an acidic drool coming out of the base. It shrieked at them before flying up and off.

“Follow it!” Bjorn dashed after the scout. Jarl soon followed, sword drawn.

They chased it for quite a while, and didn’t notice the change in the area around it. Finally, they chased it to the base of a mountain. The scout flew right in, but they were skeptical.

“Hideout.” Bjorn muttered. They stood there in silence, personally debating if it was worth it to go in.

“Lets go.” Jarl was the first to walk in. Bjorn looked surprised, but quickly followed. Jarl mixed up some powders and crams and created a small harmless flame the danced on his hand. It quickly showed what kind of monsters they were facing.

It wasn’t a mountain, it was a nest.

There were huge shadow demons all over the walls. They crawled around like insects in their webs. They were dormant and huge, with sizes anywhere from a few feet to tens of yards. The scout they were chasing excitedly flew around. It pointed directly at them, and shrieked.

Everything went berserk. All the shadow demons festered and thrashed around, falling off walls and ceilings. Bjorn started to slash at shadow demons and dispersed them, Jarl soon followed.

They killed demon after demon. They struck at them over and over but there was still more to come. They fought for tireless hours. Eventually, they all fell dead. All, except the scout. It stared at them. They stared back. It flew off once more.

The two of them returned home to see their mother tired out from the merchants. They put her to bed and sat on their beds near each other.

“Where will it go?” Jarl asked Bjorn.

Bjorn hesitated before answering.

“I don’t know. But I’m sure it can’t be good.” Bjorn was very serious.

“Agreed.” Jarl spoke solemnly. They sat there on their beds for a while before drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

Author Notes: The first prequel. I think I made some good progress. And yes, I know that the demons from "Demonic Uprising" Were sentient. I'm getting there. Hope you enjoy!

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7 Mar, 2019
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