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Talking Cat

“Mrow!” my cat walks up to me.

I look down at her as she looks up at me. “Hey, boo!”, I answer. “What are you doing?”

“Mmm,” my kitty says, making a low grumble of acknowledgement.

“Do you need something, sweetie?”

I notice that her food and water bowls are empty, so I quickly refill both. “Are you happy now?” I ask.

The little fur ball looks into both bowls, appearing to study the contents to ensure that it’s to her liking. She looks on for a few moments, then sits down, her tail flicking in amusement. “Mrow!” she looks at me as if I should understand.

“What? What do you want?” I cross my arms and continue staring at her.

“Mrow,” she answers. She picks up a green pipe cleaner that I hadn’t noticed before; she loves playing with it. I pick it up and dangle it above her head, hoping that she’ll jump up and get it. Tilting her head, she watches my effort, pupils dilating in her hunt mode. She lifts her front paws off the floor, ready to hit the fuzzy wire.

“Come on, kitty. Get it!” I urge her.

Having second thoughts, she puts her paws back down. She watches me wave the pipe cleaner around a few more times, then runs over to a sofa, jumps on it, and sits in front of a window. “Mrow!”

She looks at me expectantly, for the blinds are down. One of her favorite things to do is sunbathe while she watches people outside. I pull the string that lifts the blinds. She walks closer to the window, and is peaceful for a moment. Then she jumps down.

She walks up to me. “Mrow.” I squat down to her level and pet her. She leans in to my touch, and I think that she is content. Then, she steps back, looks at me straight on, and goes, “Mrow!”

“What is it, boo? What do you want?!?” I ask, losing my patience.

“Mrow,” she answers simply.

I sigh. “I’m sorry, love. I don’t know what you’re saying. I wish I could understand you.”

She looks at me.

Tilts her head.

And leaves without another word.

Author Notes: I dunno why I wanted to do this. This is about my favorite kitty though. She's always talking and is so sweet. Is this story relatable to anyone?

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6 Jul, 2020
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