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penquin_feetRachel Elizabeth
3 Reviews

Do you ever wonder how it feels to be good at talking to people?

I've always wondered if I'll ever get to the point where I'm not nervous when I talk to people I don't know or if I will be able to confidently talk to a cashier at a store. It should be simple. All I have to do is talk. But I feel like I always worry that I might say the wrong thing and then the other person will think I'm dumb and never want to talk to me again. And then maybe they will go back to their friends and tell them how stupid I am and then they wouldn't want to talk to me either. And then word would go around and everyone would know I'm a terrible conversationalist and pretend I don't exist so that they could avoid talking to me. Anybody with me? Don't get me started on class presentaions. Having to stand in front of a group of people and talk is a nightmare. Everyone is watching, waiting for me to mess up or miss something and so I fumble over my words, staring at the floor only to look up and see the teacher give me a smile that drips of fake encouragement. And then I pause for a slight second and notice the total silence in the room which makes me more nervous. And the more nervous I am the more fidgety I get, so I start playing with the string of my hoodie as I continue talking until I pause again and realize how dumb I must look. It's a mess from start to finish.

Am I the only one? Why doesn't anyone talk about feeling this way?

Author Notes: Can you relate? Or am I crazy? I need to know, please please please review with your thoughts. Also I'm sorry for rambling.

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Rachel Elizabeth
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21 Mar, 2022
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