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Tanners Big Mistake (Part 2)

Tanners Big Mistake (Part 2)

By lillith123

It was a dark night. Tanner was all dressed up and ready to walk home in the cold. It had to be at least -25 outside she was so cold! She was thinking of the great time she just had with Tyler. They were sitting on the couch watching TV, and eating popcorn. They started to throw it at each other. Tanner was still laughing about it. She still thought it was funny. While she was walking down the side walk her phone rang. It was her mom.

"I'm just a house away Ma. Don't worry"
the line was silent........then there was a scream. then the line died. Tanner ran. She ran up the front steps and into the house. Before her eyes was.................Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Tanner started to calm down.
"Ma?Ma?! Ma!!!" Tanner was crying now, her mother would have called her if she left the house. Tanner ran out of the house and started towards Tyler's house. Tanner was running so fast she could barely see what was happening the snow was biting at her face and it burned. She could just make out Tyler's house when....Black....
Tanner could hear a voice. But whose? Ma's, pa's? No Tyler's!
"Tanner are you ok?! You fell ,please be ok!"
Tyler helped get Tanner up and into his house. The worst was over she just had a cut on her knee. That night Tanner stayed at Tyler's house. The next morning Tanners parents came to pick her up. It turns out they just took a run into town.

But months went by, months and months maybe even a year but the question still lingered in her mind " who was on the phone that night?" she never decided to tell anyone about it because she thought know one would believe her. She was probably right and plus it was too late anyways.

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1 Apr, 2011
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