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Tanners Big Mistake (Part one)

Tanners Big Mistake (Part one)

By lillith123

Sunny days came and went rainy days came and went. Tanner went to her friends house rain or shine. Her friends name was Tyler. Tanner and Tyler were best of friends they have known each other sense they were born.Everyday after school they would go to Tanners house because Tyler's parents had work. On the weekends they would go to Tyler's house because Tanners parents would go out. They liked this idea and stayed to it. Although Tyler was a boy and Tanner was a girl they didn't care about relationships,they just wanted to be friends. They shared secrets and had sleepover like any other friends. But one night was different.

Tanner and Tyler were finally in grade 7. They knew the were growing up but that didn't stop them from hanging out and having sleepovers. One night Tanner asked Tyler's and her parents if Tyler and her could sleepover at her house on Saturday night. She knew her parents wouldn't be home but she figured they would have a better time instead of being checked on every ten minutes. That weekend she finally got the courage to ask her parents and they were fine. Tyler's parents were fine with it too and so was Tyler. He had to take his phone and called him when he got up in the morning though but they didn't care about that.

Saturday night came and Tyler walked over to Tanners house. They watched movies and played games till midnight then Tyler suggested they played TorD (truth or dare) Tanner agreed as long as they didn't have to do anything stupid and immature. They started playing and were having a lot of fun. There was that odd time when one of them didn't want to do a dare but finally did it.

Tyler had really liked Tanner sense grade 5. He only wanted to play tord to ask her if she liked him to. Tanner liked him too but she didn't want to tell him. She was scared he would say he didn't like her.

"K my turn"Tyler was thinking that it was the best time to ask her if she liked him if she picked truth"t or d?"
"Uhhh.....T"Tanner said with a smile
"Do....You....Have....A...Crush on me?" Tyler asked softly
Tanner just stared at him scared to say yes but also scared to say no.
" yeah i guess...i guess i do"She said looking sad
"i like you to Tanner" Tyler was looking at Tanner now he saw her starting to cry.He went over and sat by her side and asked what was wrong. She said she was sorry for liking him but she knew she wasn't sorry. She had a feeling for a long time that she was falling in love with this boy. She always dreamed of him.

2 weeks went by and they didn't talk to each other. They didn't go to each others houses or they didn't phone each-other. The day finally came when Tyler got sick of her ignoring him and he phoned her.
" Hey why are you so upset you never talk to me and we havn't seen each other for two weeks!"
the line was silent.......
"Please, Tanner please tell me what i did or said,i miss you, i miss talking to you, i miss seeing you, i miss being with you."
The line was still silent........but then he heard a soft whimper
"Tanner?Are you ok?"
"I miss you a lot i thought i was the one who did something wrong or did something bad. Can we be friends again?"
"I wanted to be more then friends actually...i wanted to ask if you'd like to be my girlfriend?"
Tanner was speechless.after a few minutes she finally said yes.but what she didn't know was that it wouldn't last long.

After a few days of dating Tyler Tanner went home from his house late. It was a cold winter night and she decided to walk home alone. She was just across the street and 3 houses down.

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About This Story
31 Mar, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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