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Taste of a love that I'll Never Have

Taste of a love that I'll Never Have

By BrokenDyingAngel

I was walking home one afternoon with my friend ,Wolfy I asked Wolfy for a hug he hugged me. Then It started getting hot Wolfy started to get 'happy'. He hugged me again and I felt his friend come up to say hi. A gasp escaped my lips he laughed then decided to see how crazy he could drive me. He pulled me closer and gasped again becouse'he' was still there. Then he kissed me so sweet and gently his sweet delicious lips moving with mine causing me to tremble. When he pulled back he asked me if I ever had a hickey and I said no. Then he asked would it be okay If he gave me one I said yeah. He slowly slid his lips down my throat then moved his lips to the left side he started to suck it making me moan a little then changed it to biting and I moaned louder. He laughed and hugged me and this time thrust his waist in toward me then I yelped and started to get wobbly . He had to make matters worse by kissing me deeply and harder. Then moved the kiss to the under devolped hickey on my neck and made the hickey whole and visible. I looked into his gorgeous eyes and sighed with bittersweet joy. He gave me one last swift pelvic thrust and tongue filled kiss and I felt weak as I watched him leave . It's bittersweet becouse I just got love from a guy I will never have

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26 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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