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Tear Drop

Tear Drop

By sweetmoon

Have you ever stop a second and think that maybe the girl who is sitting next to your side- your best friend- you might not see her againg after that day? I used to have a best friend called Claudia. I remember when i was small and hurt my leg, she would walked to me and wipe my tears aways. I few days i go i tried stoping her tears but i wasen't able to .

We met in elementry school 7 years ago. She was not pretty now that i remember but she had a big heart. My first best friend. Claudia stoped talking to me when we went to high school cause by that time she was pretty with her long hair and she became the popular girl at school. She no longer wipe my tears when i cried and she walked away from my life.

A few weeks ago i got a message that we needed to meet cause she was feeling lonely. I met her at Mc Donals, i felt so horrible on going with her- i felt like a ugly girl coming out from that book of THE BEAST AND THE BEAUTY- guess who was the beast? Me. Claudia look as beautiful as a rose and i looked like a boy-since im a girl. We went shopping to her work- a place of clothes- i wanted to get nice clothes so i could looked like her. I wanted to have her beauty.

I became more happy as we have going back to being best friends. A car accident- that is what stop us from seen each other- I got into a car accident days later. She never knew nor did my family. I was drunk and my boyfriend told me to go on his car, that everything would be fine. That was the last time that i saw the light. Heaven is not up here in the sky, Its down their in earth. Maybe not your family or your friends that matter but because you learn what pain is and what live is like.

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27 Apr, 2011
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