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tear drop

tear drop

By sweetmoon

My sister was my twin, a kid who was only 9 years old. Long black hair and black eyes. Thats all i remember. She came to me one night to complain about how hungry she was. My sister was like a little girl who used to cry for all and ofcourse i had to take care of her. So i agree to go look for food with her, in the frige their was nothing left and as i saw my sister's tears i decided to take her to the store the was close to our house.

It was a late night and their were men, screaming and yelling. I slowly grab her hand and look at her falling tears. Each time we walk, my heart beat even faster. Two lonely girls walking in a street by themselves, i look at her one more time and smile, knowing she was my by side.

As we finish buying our stuff, i hold her hand one more time, she looks at me. "Sister, please dont let me go". Those where her last words. Another tear, not from her, that one was mine. We slowly walk, my heart beating fast, a yell cross from behind us, a man calling out our names. She look back, i didn't. Another yell cross, in that second i told her to run, my sister would not listened. "run" she look at me and did it.

A gun shoot. Rose, that was her name. She stood their, not walking a single step. i look up and their she was, blood coming out of her. Rose turn around and gave me a smile as she fall slowly to the ground, i could not move. My neighbor carlos came out and kill the one who shooted at my sister.

I run to her , i could hear her last breath coming out as i hold her in my arms. Blood all over my shirt "please sister, i promise to be good to you" but she just smile and said good bye. Closing her eyes with a smile, her life was soon gone. Gone with the wing. I wish i could see her one more time.

this is the story of a girl who die at 9 years old

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5 Oct, 2010
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1 min
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