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This story has some quality issues


By _ShadowsandBones_


On a fall day a girl came home from a difficult day at school, she felt the peace as she walked past all the trees;that had just started to let their red and orange leaves fall down slowly to the ground. She enjoyed this peace every time she came from school, and she mumbled to herself,"I wish I had this much peace at home." Finally, she saw her house when she turned to the next street and mentally prepared herself for what was going to start. She stepped on each step slowly and then opened the door.

As she opened the door her sister said,"How was your school day, emo freak?", "okay, I guess."she said without being bothered what her sister had said. The girl had been used to her family calling her hurtful nicknames. Suddenly, she heard a scream as she entered the door and saw her mom, walking furiously in the hallway towards her. Her mom screamed," Your not good at anything are you?, all you do is go to school,make a mess, cry, and go to sleep!" The girl stepped up and screamed," I would have cleaned it, if you wouldn't have been screaming at me all morning!" Suddenly, all the girl could see was her eyes watering, her mom had smacked her right in the face. The girl hadn't been used to her mom smacking her all the time even though it had happened every day she could remember and each time it hurt more and more. She ran to her room and slammed her bedroom door. She whispered to herself in tears," Oh god, why am I still alive? Why do I have to feel pain everyday? Why does everyone hate me?"

Then suddenly, the girl digged through her stuff and brought out a small thin knife. Without hesitating the girl pressed the knife against her skin, she forgot about everything and just keep cutting until she felt relieved. Once she looked at her wrist she saw the cuts she had just made and many more scars from past times, the scars began from her wrist and ended at her elbow. She took out her phone and plugged in her headphones, she listened to music until her dad came home at night.

She heard a small voice screaming, then she took her headphones out and covered her wrists, quickly. Her dad came in like crazy and screamed, "Can't you be more lazy, look at you sitting down so comfortably." The girl said, "Dad, please believe me I did clean, my mom just made all that stuff up to make you and me mad." Then her dad screamed fiercely," Your calling your mom a liar, you don't have any respect don't you, I'll show you respect!" Her dad took off his belt and smacked her legs like crazy, the girl just cried under her pillow and waited for her dad to stop smacking her with the belt. She heard her door close and burst out crying. Her legs were bruised.

That night the girl didn't eat anything. She turned on her phone to see her social media. Then, someone texted,"You like Noah don't you? Well sorry he doesn't like EMO freaks." She texted back furiously,"How do you know? you guys don't talk" Then the person who texted her said,"I told him to text you, just wait and you'll see that EMO's don't deserve to be loved and they don't deserve to love especially." The girl turned off her phone and just layed deep in her pillow, then she heard her phone recieve a message. Noah had texted her, she thought he was going to say that it was fun talking to her during math but what she read made her cry more then she had every cried in her life. It said," Hello, Its Noah and I just wanted to tell you your pretty cool, but I don't like you like that. We should stop talking for a while you might be a little depressing. Plus you should know.... I don't date emos."

Just like that she ran to the bathroom and got one of her moms pain relievers. She went back to her room and cried. She said to herself," WHY do you have to be so different? Why can't you be normal? I don't deserve to live, I don't want to live anymore. Everybody you know hates you more than anything." She wrote a letter so people knew what happened and why. And she stuffed her mouth with all the pain relievers she could. Slowly she could feel herself leaving her world behind.

The very next day her parents walked up to her room wondering where she had been for breakfast. Her parents opened her bedroom door, finding their daughter laying in the middle of the floor not breathing.......dead. Her parents found the note and burst out crying when they read it, they felt guilty and would continue to feel guilty for the rest of their lives. Her letter said," I am writing this letter to say bye. Hopefully by now you found me dead in your house. Most of you guys don't realize why I did this. Every single day I hoped my mom would hug me or my dad would ask me how was school. Then I realized that would never happen in this house, yet all that would happen is me in my room with a knife against my skin making scars along my wrists with tears in my eyes. I had hope that a person would bring out of this hell, but my hope disappeared last night. Even though you guys never thought about me or even cared about me I love you all. Yet, I am still sad that all that happened in this house was screaming, violence, and tears and more tears." Her last word had been tears, and tears were the only thing she got used every single day she had been living.

Author Notes: Hope you guys liked it......please leave a review.
This isn't true but it is inspired by true events.........


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24 Aug, 2017
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