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Tears on My Pillowcase

Tears on My Pillowcase

By Kyleewrites

Tears on my pillowcase

I stay up every night,

cause things don't feel right

I'm broken, sad, lost

life is an exhuast

highschool is draining

and each night tears raining

onto my pillow case

Friendless and unwanted,

my thoughts have now haunted

my smile, laughs and joy

cause fell in love with a boy,

who used me like a toy

every night tears are raining

on my pillowcase

tired of being alone

tired of being me

just want to let go

just want to break free

but I smile fake

when each night I cry

on my soft pillowcase

But things seems to get better

or so I fatasized,

and then once again

tears fall from my eyes

into my pillow case,

all my dreams have died

Author Notes: This is about highschool, hurt, love, being a teenager in this lonely, crappy world and tears. I hope this can help someone who is in pain or who is going through something.
Thanks for reading!

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11 Jan, 2019
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<1 min
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