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By numan

Tears formed in her large eyes, glassing them with a sad look. They slowly traced their way along the curves of her bony face before gliding, pitifully, down to the heap of rags she used as beddings. A worried look wrinkled her young face, making her depressed futures more define as, yet again; she wondered what fate the future held.

a weak sigh escaped her heaving chest as she blinked and struggled to hold her blurring sight. Then, slowly, her dry lips traced a silent whisper. “My babies.” She called. But alas, with an outstretched arm, the young mother succumbed to fate.

From a corner of the paper shanty they called home, a three year old girl innocently stared at her caring mama, to her mama’s lifeless body. “Mama, mom.” she called. But her calls being no good to lifeless mama awoke her baby brother instead.

The little infant cuddled besides mama stirred. Then, as usual, he waited for mama to offer the reassuring tits that help him forget hunger. This time, though, mama didn’t respond. Between crying in protest and sleeping, the baby opted for the less tiring of the two. Instantly, the infant drifted back to sleep.

Meanwhile, the little girl had decided to crawl to mama. Walking was a strenuous feat she dare not undertake. As she inched forward, her undernourished body screamed of severe malnutrition. When she finally reached her silent mama, she placed her warm hands on the cold fingers of her mama’s outstretched hands and called again.” Mama, mama.”

Mama wasn’t responding. For sometime the little girl was confused, but she eventually decided it was only a new foe and mama will be okay soon.
Having decided what ails her mother was only a new enemy, the girl decided to rest and wait for her to wakeup. But just then, a rippling pain tore through her tummy. Now this was a common foe, though one she has never managed to cope with.

She turned and caught sight of a large tin can placed besides her mother’s feet. Instantly, her baby face brightened with a smile and she hurriedly crawled towards the can. Long ago, she recalled, mama brought some food in the can.

Her expectant mood triggered happy giggles as she got nearer to the tin. Finally she reached it and, heaving with excitement, grabbed it and turned it upside-down. Unfortunately, not a single grain of food dropped form the empty tin.

Like a shuttered mirror, her glowing face broke into tears; her excited heaves turned into sobs and she cried out in desperation.”Mamaaa.”

with a broken spirit, the girl crawled back to her mother’s side and, taking a pleading look back at the empty tin, she rested her head on her outstretched arm.

Tears swelled her, baby, eyes as her innocent little mind wondered. How, but why, did she happen to be in this place. Slowly, the earth floor beneath her eyes turned into a dark pit.

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About This Story
4 Nov, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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