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Technological Era

Technological Era

By fionamicoleau1997

Technological Era
300 years ago it was considered rare for a person to have his own computer in his home. Some time passed, and then cell phones and laptops became the next big thing. I don’t think anyone thought much about it; it was the Technological era. People stopped writing letters and started communicating by emails and text messages. Visiting friends and family became easier than ever by communication on a webcam. Then it became an obsession; people were locked into a consumer mindset where they always had to have the next gadget. At that time the United States was
16 trillion dollars in debt. While the US struggled to pay off our deficit, Apple and another company called Google merged to become the richest company in the world. Rich was not even a suitable word, everyone in the nation owned something made from Apple. Meanwhile, the United States was on the verge of economic collapse. This is when something inconceivable for that time happened. Apple bought the United States. It was considered incredible at the time, but nothing really changed for the
people. Apple already controlled the people more than the government did. Everyone was on the Internet, and when Apple had something to say, they could reach billions in a matter of seconds. Plus Apple had the people’s favor. America loved electronics. What did Apple do? Every six months, they came out with the newest version of the “iPhone” which was a simpler version of the communicator.
Every time it had an incredible new feature. Whether it could turn your lights on from thousands of miles away or talk to you while you were driving, America lapped it up. What did the government do? They collected taxes and regulated systems. Apple’s continuously new and improved technology was always eagerly awaited.

As I sat there writing my modern history of the United States paper, it was hard to even imagine how different it used to be. People used to write letters? Why wouldn’t someone just send a text? Letters could so easily get into the wrong hands and expose confidential information. People would fly to visit friends and family? That is such a hassle when you could just video chat them. They had a small phone for calling, texting, and Internet access and a bigger screened laptop for typed work and easier
viewing of the Internet. The Communicator is so much simpler. It is everything. It turns on your car, is an ATM machine, and it tells you if what you’re wearing is cool. Who cares if you are required to pay $30,000 a month to keep it? I could not live without mine. Who needs real friends when you could always have one that said exactly what you wanted to hear? Also imagine having to catch criminals back
then. Nowadays anyone who searches for something on that Internet that is not under code acceptable is immediately put under supervision. People are not capable of doing anything without searching about it, so it catches the criminal before the crime is even committed. This solves so many problems including suicide, drug problems, and abuse. The world has been made into a simpler place. Knowledge
is at our fingertips through the Internet and communication is the best and easiest it has ever been. A person could live his life to its fullest without even leaving a room. This is the real difference technology has made in our lives.

But then it happened… My parents couldn’t afford to have three communicators in the family. Being the youngest in the house, mine was the first to go. A person is not required to have one, but society made not having one a very embarrassing situation. Surviving school was another matter. Everything we do is based off the communicator. If you do not have one, there is a shelf in the back of the classroom where there are a few books. Having to use one of those is “social suicide”. Some of the
nicer kids will feel sympathetic towards you, but other than that, you are on your own. I felt that I might as well drop out of school. The one thing that had made everyone’s lives so much easier, was now the cause of all my problems. How had this happened? It wasn’t long ago that I could say nothing wrong about where technology was going. Every time I flipped on the television, the commercials reminded me
that I was not like everyone else. Humanity’s loss of sight to commercialism wasn’t even the biggest problem. When was the last time I had spoken to my parents? I received the news that they were canceling my communicator plan via text. Am I the first to realize what Technology has done?The realization came slowly, but when it did, everything I had ever known or thought suddenly
changed. Who had started this? How had it gone this far? Then I realized that all my answers were in the history of the United States essay I had written. Apple was behind this. The marketing masterminds that had made Apple surpass the title of richest company in the world, had changed society along with it. Seeking a way out, I did the only thing I could think of. Using my father’s communicator I searched for
a solution to this madness. At that moment, the screen went blank, the communicator shut off, and there was a knock at the door.

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22 Jan, 2013
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