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Teddy Bears Hurt Too

Teddy Bears Hurt Too


The teddy bear on my bed stares at me with his beady little black eyes. His torn arm and his ragady clothes. Half of him is burnt. Burnt from the fire that YOU started. Why did you do that? You knew it would start a fire and left. You left me there to burn. Grrr can't get this out of my mind, try and forget.
Take out that knife and forget. I awaken to the teddy bear staring and me and all of a sudden I feel bad. He had to sit there and watch me do it. I put down my knife hug him, and fall asleep with him in my arms.
I wake up to find him gone. He is not in my arms anymore. I thought maybe I dropped him. I look everywhere, nothing. I start to cry. I take my knife and just cut, cut, cut. I eventually pass out and when I wake up the teddy is not there to stare at me. I cry some more. I cut some more. I eventually cut too deep and pass out. I awaken to find my body lying there helpless. I look around and see my teddy. I am happy inside and smiling but then I relize what he's holding. A knife.

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24 Feb, 2011
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1 min
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