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Teenz: Rejection and Detention

Teenz: Rejection and Detention

By Roosie131

Next week, Jaxon and Cami were found giggling and laughing. I looked at her, then him.
"I thought we were a thing," I say.
"Danny, I love Cami, and you know it," Jaxon says lovingly.
"Oh, well, of course! Haha, I was kidding!" I lie. I don't care much, but I'm a little sad. Of course, Cami and Jaxon are perfect for one another. "Mind if I sit?"
Cami smiles. "Course."
We start talking, when Tara sneaks up behind. "Hi, Dawn of the Nerds."
I roll my eyes. I see Cami do the same. "What do you want, Tara?"
"I want Jaxon," Tara replies smuggly.
"Ha! He's taken!" Cami snarls.
Tara reapplies her lip-gloss. "Do you see how much I care? No. Cuz I don't care."
I stand up. "Did you hear us? Lemme explain. When guys have girlfriends, they don't date bitches who try to steal them away!"
Tara throws me to the ground. "You wanna fight? I'll warn you."
"Yes!" I throw my hands up in the air and I stand up. "I'm pretty strong."
We start fighting, wrestling, tackling, everything. I throw her to the ground and start punching her until she starts coughing up blood.
"Miss. West?" Mr. Drake calls. I look at him, realizing what I'm doing looks pretty bad.
"She threw me down first!" I say.
Tara wipes away her blood. "No, I just came her to sit down, and she started punching me, pushing, and kicking!"
"Detention, Miss. West. Be lucky I'm not doing worse!" Mr. Drake snaps.
"Haha," Tara teases.
"Fuck off." I run to the bathroom and shut myself in a stall. "God I hate you Tara!"
I leave when I hear the bell indicating that school is over. I run down to Mr. Drake's room. Whew. It hasn't started.
"Have a seat, Daniel," Mr. Drake roars. He points to a seat and growls. Mr. Drake is my favorite teacher, and now he hates me.
"Yes, sir." I slide into a desk. I lower my head into my hands and a tear trickles onto my palm.
"Woah. You must have it worse than I do," a blond haired boy says. He's dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt and jeans.
I wipe the tear streak of my face and make a fake laugh. "Yeah. It was way out of proportion though. You see, this girl Tara-"
"Tara? She's a jerk!" he interrupts.
"As I was saying, she started a fight and Mr. Drake caught me defending myself," I finish. I look at his blue eyes. "I'm Danny."
"Peter," he replies. He stares at my eyes. "Pretty eyes."
"Yeah, gray, my favorite color," he mutters.
My first real crush in a long time.

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About This Story
22 Apr, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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