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Teenz: Revenge of the boy stealers

Teenz: Revenge of the boy stealers

By Roosie131

As though I thought Kyle would date me, we ended up just being friends. We didn't talk much, just waving in the halls, greeting, asking about homework, and telling jokes. Tasha wasn't happy that we're partners in math. Biology was easy because Tasha isn't in that class. She's only in P.E. and language. Cami and I ended up being best friends, and Jaxon is also a good friend. What really went wrong was inviting Cami and Jaxon over.

"Okay, tell me your plan to get Kyle." Cami urged. I smiled. Cami really wanted to go on double dates, and she'd do anything to get Tasha to break down. "Alright, so first I'm going to go shopping for new clothes, then I'll get a purple streak in my hair, I'l buy all new makeup, and then I'll start talking to him more. Before you know it, I'll have Kyle!"I explained. "Brilliant plahn." Jaxon exclaimed. He said plan, but he's british so it sounded like plon. "Thanks Jax." I smiled. I could feel my cheeks burning, so I turned and pretended to be interested in a piece of lint on my shoulder. Jaxon and I have started really being together more often, but Cami didn't notice. I still felt really close to Jaxon, as thought I've known him for several years. I didn't like Jaxon, I just thought he was cute, that's all. "Guys, stop acting like your shy to talk to each other. We're all friends!" Cami joked. "I know Cam, Jaxon and I are just... talking?" I suggested. "Yah love, we're all friends here." Jaxon smiled, then kissed Cami on the cheek. I rubbed my cheek, and then started researching 'Chat Rooms For Popular Teens' and 3056 results came up. "Alright, it says on Kyle's facebook profile that he made a chat room called Hawt Teenz. I'm gonna go there and start talking to him. It says on his profile he's on every Saturday through Tuesday he's on from 1:00am to 12:30am. So, I'll go on. It's only 2:54." and I looked for Hawt Teenz. But when I got there, it said that my laptop needs to take a photo of me to make sure I'm 'Hawt'. When it took the picture, it said "SMOKING HAWT, YOU A MODEL?" and it let me in. I started chatting with a lot of people, then I requested a private chat with me and Kyle. He said yes, and before I know it, I'm asking him on a date. "Donneh! Whot about the plahn?" Jaxon asked. "Oooohh please! This is wayyyy easier!" I smirked. Kyle then replied 'Who are you?'

Me: Danny, new student?
Kyle: Ah, yes! You're quite hot.
Me: Thanks... date?\
Kyle: Sure thing, my girlfriend and I are pretty much over anyways.
Me: Tasha? I think you guys have been over for a lonnnggg time.
Kyle: LOL
Me: Date?
Kyle: Pick you up at 7pm and drop you off at 12pm
Me: Cool, see you then <3

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About This Story
30 May, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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