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Teenz: So... good lie?

Teenz: So... good lie?

By Roosie131

Cami looked at me. I looked at her. "Cam..."" I spoke. "I-I-I-"
"Danny. He can't be replaced. Never." she relied. "I know." somehow we were crying more when he was hurt. She shook her head, let out a tear, and left the room. "Cami! We have to stay with him! He-"
"No Danny. He's gone. He always loved you more. He wouldn't want me to stay with him. Bye, see ya at school." and with that, she let out another tear, and ran off. "Donnay, dahn't leave meh!" said a voice. I looked around the room. I found Jaxon there, looking all innocent and scared. "Jaxon! A few moments ago you were dead!" I cried, running over to him. "Let meh explain.

"The doctor told me I was going to live. But I wanted to die. I had no purpose to live. Cami hated me, and you love Kyle. So I told the doctor to pretend I was dead, so you guys wouldn't... well I dahn't know. So I made that fake note. But when you guys were about to leave, I felt lonely. So I wanted you to stay here. Do you love me, Donnay?"
"Of course I love you! Jaxon, I only wanted to be popular, that's why I loved Kyle! Sure he's cute, but he's a jerk to girls. Just wants sex I guess." I explained. "Great. I get out of the hospital tomorrow. I have to get the real casts, and rest. I should be at school in 4 days, counting the extra hospital night." He told me, british accent all the cuter. "Bye Jaxon. My mom just texted me. Cami is in the car. Bye! Love you!" and I kiss his cheek and run into the hall. Now I was crying tears of happiness.
* * *

The next day at school I found Cami eating lunch alone, sobbing and sitting where she usually sits with Jaxon. "Hey Camera!" I shout and sit next to Cami. Camera is her nickname. I know it's lame, but HEY! It's cornycute. :)
"Hey... Danny. What's shaking?" she said very glum. "Nuttin. You?" I replied. "Well, my boyfriend died. His accent is still rining in my ears!" she cried. I nod. Jaxon texted me last night and told me to keep it a secret that he's alive until he gets back. "Well, Cami. Give it 3 days.

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14 Jul, 2011
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