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Teenz: Sometimes funerals can be for the best.

Teenz: Sometimes funerals can be for the best.

By Roosie131

I ran over to Cami. "W-what happened?!" I asked. "H-he was t-trying to p-p-protect me a-a-and Reggie started beating h-h-h-him." Cami explained between sobs. "Well get the police!" I screamed at her. She gently laid Jaxon on a pillow and struggled to get the police. I heard her screams but I tried tuning them out. "J-J-Jaxon?" I muttered. He put his arms around me. "P-please dahn't let meh die." he struggled to get that out. "Oh Jaxon!" I cried. Tears started coming out of his eyes. "D-D-Donnay, I've always l-l-loved you. M-m-more than a friend. When I g-g-go, p-please don't f-f-forget meh." he mumbled. "Jaxon, neither of us will forget you." a voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Cami, standing there with even more tears than before. "Jaxon, y-you love h-her?" Cami asked. "Cami, I love y-you t-too. I really l-like Donnay a l-lot though." Jaxon started crying again. "Oh jaxon, I'm not mad at you, nor Danny. I love you sooooo much. You'll always be in my heart. The ambulance is here. Stay strong, Jaxon. Please don't die."
"Oh Cami, he won't die. Jaxon, don't talk anymore. We'd never be mad at you." and then I leaned in on his ear "I love you more than Kyle. Promise." and I leaned out and faced Cami. "They're here." and the ambulance pulled him away, him, barely alive. "Oh Danny! He's not going to make it! Oh please God! Help him! Please help him! OH GAWD!" Cami screamed. "Cami, he is going to make it. I know he will. Even if he doesn't, he'll still be here." I told her, trying not to cry harder.

* * *

The waiting room smelled like doctors cream and sickness. A drop of blood was on my seat. But I knew it was old, it was dry and molded there. I tried scrathing it off, it wouldn't budge. Again, I tried scratching it off, this time, it fell off. I knew my parents would kill me, for leaving the house a mess, most of everything broken. And for leaving without telling. I saw blood bags, and worried doctors, friends, and parents coming in and out of the room. Cami went to the drinking fountain for the fifth time now. I know she's scared. I look at a little kid. She's so young, about two. She's sitting with her mom, dad, and a girl who has cancer. The girl looks like she's eight or nine. It brought tears to my eyes, but I wipe them away and forget about them. 'He's ok, Danny. He's ok.' the thought sprang to my head like the Easter Bunny. "Cami, no more water. The bathrooms here are horrible." I say, trying to make a joke. She giggles, but no smile. I can't force a smile either. "I heard one bathroom is good." she said, now smiling a little. "The boys?" I ask, now I'm smiling. "YEAH!" she yells. Everyone looks at us. Now we're both laughing. "SORRY!" I scream. "Now I really have to pee!" She cries. I laugh even harder. "Me too!" I cry. The little two year old girl comes over to us and taps my shoulder. "Miss?" she asks, angelic voice ringing in my ears. "Yes?" I ask, my face red and sweaty from laughing so much. "Let me get mommy." she tells me and runs off to her mother. A couple seconds later, I see her mom standing before me. She's a beautiful woman, probably in her thirty's, wearing a long sleeved green shirt, with white capri's and sandals. She has beautiful short black hair and nice pink lips. "Both of you teens, are you good singers?" the woman asks. "Excuse me?" Cami snaps. "Oh I'm sorry! My name is Tammy. This is my daughter Elise. Her sister over there is Emma. Emma has leukemia. We're having a benefit, to raise money for cancer. We're trying to get a lot of people in it to raise more money. Please? For my daughter, and many other kids?" Tammy said, pressing her hands together like she's praying. "Of course! I'm a good singer! I'd love to do it for Emma and many others!" I exclaim, nudging Cami. "Ummm, sure, I'll dance for her?" Cami uneasily exclaims. "Great! It's Friday at 5:00. Tell your friends!" and Tammy walks back to the chair to tell the great news to Emma and her husband. "Thanks girly!" Elise cries. "It's Danny. I'm Danny and that's Cami."
"Ohh right. Bye!" and Elise runs off. As I look back at Tammy and Emma, i nearly cry. There Emma is, jumping up and down with joy, tears of happiness spraying everywhere. "See Cami? It's gonna be all worth it!" I say, smiling big. "Yeah, GREAT!" and we both start laughing again.

* * *

The hospital rooms were scary. Each passing one I saw another sad family, all hoping for the best. The doctor lead us to Jaxon's room, but he didn't say anything. Nothing. He just looked forward and kept walking. When we got to Jaxon's room, nothing but darkness filled our eyes. "Can you turn on the lights-"
"No." the doctor snapped and left. When he came back he had a sheet of paper. H handed it to me and then left again. I looked at it.

Dear Danny and Cami,
I knew that I wouldn't live long. Ever since I was seven I knew. Danny, I made a mistake. I should've spent the last few months with you. I love you Danny. I've known that from the minute I talked to you. Cami, the only thing holding me back from dating Danny was you. I love you. I don't know who I'd date, but I'dd probably just date you. Well, the doctor told me a few more minutes, so bye girls. I'll miss you. I'm very lucky to have had such great friends. :P


I looked at Cami. Tears in both of our eyes. She turned on the lights and we saw Jaxon's dead body.


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12 Jul, 2011
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