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By Roosie131

"Hi, I'm Danny." I said sheepishly.
"Aren't you a girl?" Tasha asked. By the way she said that, I could tell she was a popular girl.
"Yeah, I told her. "My real name is Daniel, I just like Danny more."
"Ah, I see. Welcome to Brickamer High. Here's your schedule. I'm in a couple of your classes, so I guess I'll see ya 'round?"
"Bye Danny."
"Bye, Tasha?"
"Thats right Tomboy!"
"I told you, my real name is Daniel, I just like Danny more!"
"Look at your clothes dirtbag."
"What did I do?"
"Nothing, I greet newcomers by being mean. You might be in our group." and she skipped away like a three year old. "Priss." I whispered to myself and glanced at my schedule. Science, math, language, lunch, P.E., study hall, reading, and then history. I hurried in the direction of Science. In two minutes it would be 7:35 and I'd be late. I brushed into the classroom, feeling eyes watching me every move. "Class, this is our new student Daniel." the teacher announced. "Danny. We thought she was a GIRL right? lol!" Tasha calls from the back. My cheeks go cherry red, and everybody laughs. "Um, actually, Danny can be a girls name..." I muttered. "Excuse me?" Tasha asked. "DANNY CAN BE A GIRLS NAME, ARE YOU DEAF?" I screamed at her. Everyone laughed. This time not with Tasha, at Tasha. "Ok, calm down class. Tasha, try being nice. Anyways on with our lesson." Mr. Neilson half-shouted. When I turned around, Tasha was making out with her boyfriend, one hand on the wall, one hand around his neck. He was reaching down. "Yuck." I whispered to myself. "I know right?" I girl whispered to me. She had curly brown hair, and sparkly blue eyes. I could tell she wasn't popular though. She would've sounded prissy if she was. "Hi, I'm Cami. I hate Tasha as much as you do." she told me. "Hi Cami. I do hate Tasha, but her boyfriend is cute." I whispered. "That's Kyle. He's really cute. I would've liked him now, but I have a boyfriend. His name is Jaxon. He's in math right now. Kyle only likes Tasha because she's popular. She sasses off at him a lot. But one thing they have in common, they both like to make out." she whispered back. I quietly laughed. It was true, they were smiling while french kissing, and just regualr kissing. Cami was wearing a jean skirt with black leggings, and a plain brown tank top. She had a locket, and she opened it and showed me a picture of Jaxon. One side had Jaxon, the other had her. I had to admit, Jaxon was cute. But I still really wanted to date Kyle. I was wearing jean shorts and a grey tank top with sequins. i had black flats on, and dangly silver star earrings. I had on my favorite lipstick Cherry Kiss, and a barrete in my hair. I had on a charm bracelet, and a locket with pictures of my dogs Vinnie and Cupcake. I smiled as class ended. I caught up with Kyle, because he was in my math class. "Hey Kyle." I said. "Hey, you're really brave. Lets hang some time. Here's my number. Use it." and he winked and sat down.

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About This Story
28 May, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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