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Angela Roden is everything A 8th Grade girl should be accept for the tiny winy little flaw, Her Teeth.  They were everything but normal. They were beyond sharp And resembled shark teeth. The kids at school accept her for it They mostly think It's actually cool instead of Creepy. Her parent's, Teachers, even docters don't know what caused this to happen, But Angela rolls with she has adapted to it and treats it like it's normal.
   She was getting frustated with her Test she was doing, Couldn't figure out a simple question  that was placed infront of her. She tapped her foot repeatidly in frustation, She snarled Teeth showing her teeth. She knew this test was coming so why wasn't she prepared?    She was hopeing the Awnser would pop right inside her head by a miracle, But it never came. Instead she was snapped from her consentration But a sudden sound. She looked forward with a confused loook on her face she looked around to see if any others students heard the sound and indeed they had They looked just as confused as she was.

     The sound was fant and quick but she heard it along with the other students, It was a blasting sound, She had a sickening feeling in her stomach Did she hear a gun fire?  Angela took action and said "Mrs. Hydan Did you hear that?" She asked aloud, Another girl nodded and said "Yeah I heard it too" Angela knew Mrs. Hydan didnt have very good hearing as the rest of the students, but it was worth a shot to tell her something right?  "Just keep working" She mumbled writing down a piece a paper. Angela was getting nervouse She couldnt focus on her test now. She heard it again. Louder this time It was indeed a gunshot.   
                                Angela POV

  It seemed Mrs.hydan heard it this time. She got up quickly and walked toward the door she took a step out "That's what we heard!" A girl from before said We heard a voice from beyond the door saying "Did you hear that?" It sounded like Mr.Sigmon. Mrs.Hydan nodded, "What was it?" She replied She walked out of the room. It was silent in the room, "I'm so scared" A girl said jokingly But I knew she meant it. I admit myself I was scared out of my friggin mind. It was silent for a couple of minutes until a gut renching scream came fomr the hallways.
   We all had terrified expressions The tallest boy in are classroom jumped up and colsed the door and locked it. "What about Mrs.Hydan?!" I yelled with a seriouse tone in my voice The scream turned into much more scream come from girls other's from boys We all hurdled toward the corner like we were taught. A 3rd Gunshot was heard.....and then another. A gilr in are classroom was crying her eyes out "Calm down" Another girl comforted her I stood still in fear. The gunshots were very loud this time like it was outside the door,
 I counted my teeth with my tounge  trying to distract myselft My sharp teeth were the closest thing we had for defense. I was shaking as more and more gunshots were heard followed by the screaming. " Please dont come in hear" A boy whimpered he was crying worse then the girl Nobody dared to make fun of him I crawled toward him "Hey it's alright" I said Patting his back. "If he tries anything I'll bit his head off" I tried to calm the mood by saying that. Then,My best friend Chris came to my side "Have you seen her teeth?" He tried to play along but the fear on him and the crying boys face was clear as day.
   "That's not gonna help" He whimpered. I felt the lump in my throat and the tears whelling in. "come on Brayden, Will be fi-" We heard the glass from the door shatter My heart skipped a beat, a hammer was on the other side of the door A girl shrieked as she cried on my should "No" She stampered as she cried.
   My eyes widedend I grapsed the girls hand (Jane's) I took in a heavy breath as he swung open the door. The screams cotinued.  He was indeed a man he was blad and had a pistol in his hand.  He aimed it at the tall boy from before "Shut up!!!" He screamed Girl's and boys still cried but never once screamed "This is what you wanted wasn't It!?" He yelled I dont know who he was yelling at I just wanted to leave. He Paced back and forth With a frustraited look on his face, My hand never left Jane's grip.
   I was shaking in fear. He looked at me for a split second before slowly landing the gun on Jane's head. Jane wwent pale as tears streamed down her faced "You should thank me" He said smiling a pshyco smile. His finger was about to press down on the trigger. I refused to have Jane be shot beside me not infront of me let alone at this age. His Wrist was so close from my face It took one second, One quick second And Jane would be saved.
 I knew time was running out, So I lunged forward and took a big bite on his wrist my hands wrapped around tight and I refused to let go I bit harder and harder until my own teeth hurt and I tasted blood in my mouth. The gun shot but missed Jane by a Centimeter, Thank God. He dragged me across a bit and punched me dead in the face he attempted to reach for his gun in the process but I yanked downward He started cursing and raging trying to pry my jaw off his wrist I hated the taste of blood by I didn't care. I just wanted everyone safe.
     I bit harder feeling my teeth rip through. He wailed in pain the gun dropped from his hand. He used his second hand to reach for a seond gun attached to his side (Of course -_-) I noticed this and release my grip on his wrist Blood trickled down my lips It tasted God Awful. I lunged toward him a second time, I tackled him which didnt seem to effect him So I bit down on his arm We both fell to the ground I felt the tip of the gun placed on my side I still clapsed on to his arm.
        The next thing I knew The gun was flung toward across the room A boy ran past me and picked up the gun and aimed it at the man hands trembling. I was pulled off of him I turned my head around to see Chris staring at me wide eyed. Blood still in my mouth I lunged foward coughing up and spitting out blood. "Disgusting!" I growled.

                  The Next Day: I was being interviewed just 3 minutes ago. Yes. There was a shooting in our school He wasn't the only one either two other Men Took part in this aswell The Man I attcked is being sentenced to death in prison He needed seriouse stiching on his wrist. The story was being told all around the United States. We had the day off of school for a week due to the losses of the school 1 Teacher and 4 students. Everyone called me a hero and couldn't beileve about my teeth when I told them it was all natural. I'm disapointed the student's and the Teacher couldn't be saved But i was told i did my best. I wasn't exactly sure what to think of all of this I used mouthwash five times before seeing my realived family. Chris was also interveiwed telling his side of the story. I'm happy and proud of what I did. I'm just hopeing the taste of blood will soon go away

Author Notes: WELL! I know it is indeed a little random but I obviouly don't care. leave a rating and comment if you like tell meh what ya'll think

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11 Mar, 2014
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