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Tell me a Vision

Tell me a Vision

By KeithLankford

Sitting at night
Wondering what to do
I soon close my eyes
as I turned on you
Tell me
A vision
Tell it to me well
To a dream world I slip
Into a never ending hell
Thoughts they come quickly
As much static fills my mind
How are you my friend
I guess I’m doing fine
You know that I
missed you
But now
I have time
To be with you
To believe anew
What you believe is mine
Seems you are quite hungry
What would you like to eat
Let me introduce to you
Food your soul seeks
Please don’t
drift away
Me alone
Close to me
Oh don’t you see
A stranger in your home
I should probably warn you
There is danger lurking near
You should lock you door
Let’s keep it safe in here
I care for you my friend
Never you forget
I’m there for you
I dare you to
Leave me
Waking up shaken
Nightmares in my head
All my beliefs now broken
All my beliefs now dead
My house eerily empty
Yet never alone
I turn slowly
A presence
Of the unknown
Screaming in the night
Chills run up my spine
Not a soul was moving
In this old house of mine
The nightmares not shaken
Live with me this day
Darkness surrounds me
They move like waves
Dancing in the night
Dancing in my head
Dancing with each other
Dancing with the dead
Marching to the beat
Of a drum we all know
It is was the pied piper calling
Trying to capture our souls


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About This Story
19 Nov, 2021
Read Time
1 min
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