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Text to hell

Text to hell

By resie

Jessica sits in the back of the class waiting for the bell to ring. This is her freshman year of high-school and she hates it so far. Nobody notices her as if she's been dead for a very long time. She even wonders sometimes herself; if she really is really dead. The teacher hardly ever notices her, even when she raises her hand to answer a question.

One day a student got up to sharpen his pencil, as he was sharpen his pencil he drop it, Jessica pick it up, and handed it to him. He said that's ok, I have another one. Did she have some kind of disease. Did she have bad odor. Was she unattractive person to people. What could it be she thought.

She hears the most popular freshman at her school Jazmine talking about her boyfriend, life, goals, dreams, wants,and needs. She hated her for always bragging about that kind of life that she wanted herself. She had everything she wanted, just thought of that burns Jessica souls black. Jessica balls her fist up into ball and clenches her teeth together causing them to make a screeching sound in her mouth.

"Mrs. Moore, may I go to the bathroom please!" Jessica says as she stands up and yells to the top of her voice.

The teacher pauses in the middle of her lesson plan. She gives Jessica a brief stare before continue with her lesson plan.

"Yes, you may go Jessica, but there's no need to yell at me and your classmates." She says as she points the chalk to the exit of the classroom.

Jessica gathers her stuff, and put it into her over the chest satchel book-bag . She has a small teddy bear key chain on it that her parents gave to her when she was younger. She than walks to the back exit of the classroom, but not before hearing Jazmine say.

"Whats wrong with her, does she have some kind of problem?" She said to one her classmates.

She clenches her teeth again before leaving the classroom. When she leaves the classroom she slams the door sending vibrations through the hallway of the high-school.
While she walks to the girls bathroom she walks pass multiple students of the high-school. Yet nobody still notices her existence. Jessica soul burns red with hate. She began to wonder.

"Why me God, what did I do to deserve this?" She thought to herself as she finally reaches the girls bathroom.

She walks over to the mirror and glares into her soul.

"So, this is what it feels like to be dead huh?" "But I'm not dead because hell isn't ready for my hate yet." She said to herself in the mirror.

Jessica hears two students outside the of the bathroom entrance. She hurries into the bathroom stall, puts the toilet top down, and stands on top of it.

"It is so, Rodney told me it's real, he said he done it." The first student says to her friend while walking into the bathroom.

"You're going to believe Rodney, from out of all people." The second student says with a little giggle while turning on the bathroom sink and washing her hands.

"Yea, he said if you send her the text, she'll come to you." The first student said pleading her case while fixing her hair in the mirror.

"Than what, she'll send the person you hate to hell. What is this some kind Steven King book?" The second student said giggling while turning the bathroom sink off.

"Yup, you send the text help me to 8511 and she'll come to you." The first student said starting to giggle at the joke.

"See look, even you're laughing now, Rodney really is a dumbass, 8511, come on?" The second student said laughing while leaving the bathroom.

" Hey wait, even though it's rumor it's still scary!" The first student said chasing after the second student.

The bathroom finally gets quite after a while, until you hear one of the bathroom stalls unlock and opens. Jessica tip toes out of the bathroom stall and stands still for a moment .What did she just hear.

"You can send someone to hell, what kind of cheap magic trick is this. But if it is real, I'll already know who I'll send to that dimension." Images of Jazmine began to flash through Jessica mind.

She shook her head until it started to hurt. Even though she hated Jazmine she couldn't do that. She was raise catholic and already knew what the punishment was if you wish death upon someone. She gave one more glance at the mirror to see if her hair was ok before going back to last period. She walks out the bathroom and passes by multiple students again.

Hearing there conversations, whispers, life stories, problems, and there lips move ignored Jessica. She hated it because she wasn't a part of none of those conversations in the hallway. She wanted talk about her life and problems, but to who. No one cared about this lonely fourteen year old girl in this world. She finally gets to her classroom, she raises her hand to to open the door when she hears Jazmine laughing with her friends. The thought of even laughing sent even more hate for her through Jessica veins.

The school bell finally rings, but Jessica never hears it because her mind is filled with hateful images of Jazmine. The classroom door rushes open and slams into Jessica chest area. She falls down to the ground hurting her wrist a little bit trying to break her fall.

"I'm sorry, are you ok, I didn't see you." She hears from a voice she hates.

Students continue to walk pass Jessica even though she laid out on the school cold floor. One student even steps over top her as if she's trash in the street. Jessica looks up and see Jazmine hand stretch out to help her up. Jessica raises her up to grab Jazmin's hand, but stops because she see's the bracelet that she's wearing. She reads "Love concurs all." Jessica eyes turns red and she pushes Jazmine hand away.

"Huh?" A confuse Jazmine said.

"I'm ok." Jessica said helping herself up.

Jessica walks towards the school exit leaving a confused a Jazmine in the darkness. She walks outside to her bike lock up on the school flag pole. She unlocks her bike and gets on it. She hears what sounds like somebody calling her name. She turns and see's no one, might of have just been the wind playing tricks on her. She rides her bike to school because her house is only 10 minutes away from the school.

Jessica make's it home fifteen minutes later from school. She rides her bike to front fence, she gets off her bike and walks it to the backyard. She doesn't feel like locking it up, so she just drops it in the backyard and goes in the house from the backdoor. She goes in the kitchen and reads a note left from her father.

"Sorry honey, I had to go into work early today. It's some sandwiches in the fridge I bought from subway that you can eat. Enjoy!"

Jessica father was never home due to his work schedule. Sometimes he would even forget about his own daughter birthday at times, but she still love him because he acknowledge her existence. Her mother left when she was around the age of nine. She was having affair with another guy while she was marry to her father. Jessica pulls her head back and close her eyes.

"So, this is what true loneliness feel like huh?" Asking the man up in the sky.

She walks over to fridge, opens it, grabs her subway sandwich, a bottle of water, and walks up to her bedroom. She walks into her bedroom and sits down on her bed and look around for a moment. Her house was quite like a mouse. No noise what so ever. She hated it, she started to punch at her bed with anger in one fist, and hate in the other fist. A image of Jazmine smile ran across Jessica mind.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh." She screams till her voice goes horse from shouting.

She falls back on her bed. Tears begin to walk down Jessica cheek, slowly taking their time before reaching her bed. She falls asleep after the long fight with her bed. She wakes up several hours later and see the yellow wall her and her father painted together. It was blue at one point, but Jessica wanted it a different color because her mother favorite color was blue. Even more hate filled the fourteen year old girl body just thinking about that. She gets up off her bed and walks over to her book-bag. She opens it and takes out her cell phone.

"Wow, its 9:52pm already, I must have been tired." Jessica says yawning.

She walks over to her front bedroom door and opens it.

"Dad, are you here yet!" She yells as her voice smacks off the wall to downstairs.

She yelled about three more times, but nothing but silence in the quite house. She goes back over to her bed while still holding her cellphone. She gets on her bed and looks at her cell phone. No miss calls or texts.

"Why do I even have a cell phone anyway?" She says aloud to herself while shaking her head.

She stares at her cellphone, the back-light from it reflects off her green eyes. She begins to think about what those two girls was talking about early in the bathroom. Jessica hands begin to to shake at the thought of it. She goes into her inbox on her phone. No texts from the last couple of months. She grip her phone to the point where it was about to crack. She than remembers the gold bracelet from earlier.

" Haha....haha......hahahahahah." Laughter begins to spill out of Jessica mouth.

She gives into her only friend hate. She dials 8511 and text help me to it without hesitation. She looks around, but nothing or no one appeared. Jessica drops her head to the ground.

"Hmph, some rumor huh, and I was dumb enough to believe it." She said while palming her face.

She takes her hand away from her face and see a little girl standing in front her with a long hooded black cloak on covering her face. She has her hands together as if she's a monk. Jessica looks in disbelief at what she's seeing in front of her. The girl look about if she's only about 12 or 11. Jessica opens her mouth, but no words comes out.

"Thou has hate summon me here, what is thou wilt?" The little girl says in a stern strong voice.

Jessica takes a big gulp, opens her mouth, but still unable to speak. The little girl has sent fear through her whole body freezing it to death.

"I feel thou has hate for someone, who is it, and I'll shall take thy soul to hell on your behalf." The little girl says taking step forward towards Jessica.

"Send me thy's name, and thy soul will inherit the flames of hell." She said taking another step forward towards Jessica.

"Jaz....Jaz.....Jaz... Jazmine." Jessica said falling over top of one word.

"Send me thy's name, and thou's wilt will be done. But thou will cease to exist due to thou sin of hate." She says warning Jessica of the consequences.

Jessica looks at the little girl only few feet away from her. Is she really going to send Jazmine to hell because she hates her. The little girl pulls her hands from one another and takes her hood off. Her hair is raven black with a sharp face and eyes full of hate. Which are similar to Jessica eyes.

Jessica grabs her phone, dials 8511, and slowly types Jazmine name in. She didn't press the send button yet.

"Thou eyes are like mine." Yet, thou does not see it because it has blinded thou." The little girl says staring into Jessica painful eyes.

"This is what it does to thou." The little girls says into Jessica eyes

Jessica finger is still on the send button. She closes her eyes and listen. She hears nothing. She opens her eyes and looks around. She sees nothing, but a little girl with eyes like her own.

She hits the send button.

"Thou wilt shall be done." The little girls says in a deepen voice.

Jessica looks down at the grey carpet in her room and notice her feet begin to fade away. She closes her eyes, and begin to think about her life and what it has been filled with. Nothing, but hate that blinded her. Her mother left her and her father for another guy. She was always alone at home. She didn't exist at her high-school. Than she remember someone was calling her name at the end of school when she was leaving. It was Jazmin who was calling her name, but why. Jessica opens her eyes a little bit and see's her book-bag

"She was just being nice and giving it back to me huh."

"How come I didn't see her?" She said fully opening her eyes.

"Oh yea." She said as she faded from existence.

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