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Thank You Truly Isn't Enough
Thank You Truly Isn't Enough

Thank You Truly Isn't Enough

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I can’t express it through one simple phrase

Thank you truly isn’t enough

For you are one of my greatest blessings

There are many things to be grateful for

But you are definitely at the top

I have never felt so lucky

To have such wonderful people in my life

You support me through everything

Through all of my ups and downs

You have seen me at my worst

And yet you still choose to stay

You have never left

And that means the world

I know that you are always here for me

If I ever need anything

I know that I can come to you

You are the best at reading me

You know when something is wrong

And when I am truly happy

You always know what to say

To comfort me and make me laugh

So I am truly grateful for you

And all that you do!

Author Notes: This is dedicated to my Family, Best Friends, and to all those that have made a difference in my life. To all of those that have made me into the person that I am today.

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8 May, 2019
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