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That Brief Second of His View Stole My Sleep
That Brief Second of His View Stole My Sleep

That Brief Second of His View Stole My Sleep

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There he is. That’s him. Yea, that’s really him. I must have woke up on the right side of the bed today. It’s only been n number of hours since i last saw him. Whoever says time flies hasn’t been in infatuation; head over heel with someone. I eye him from distance, my mind freezes, the good kind. The kind where butterflies flutter in your belly and you can kind of hear the thud of your heart. Yeah. That,

I let my gaze linger on him longer than I should have. I know for sure those brief second of his view is going to keep me up all night long. Him. He in his shirt cream and that dark coloured wool slipover with his one hand firm on the gear of his automobile and rushing somewhere, looking all so serene. Yup! Just like that he walked into my head and sat there for hours and hours. Oh how I wish I could cage him somewhere just for myself, Yup!!! Guilty. In my defence he is so adorably cute and beautifully handsome.

He is way out of my league. Heck! I’m certain that he doesn’t even know that I exist let alone give me his second or third or fourth or subsequent looks. No matter how I wish, it was otherwise. He is my resident at med school and there is this gulf between where he stands and I, currently am. He is not like others around me in ways which matter the most. He is very polite and so not arrogant. And he has this air of calmness around him which kind of lures me in. Swore! I can’t get tired by reading him for any length of time.

Everyone believes that I first saw him in one of our evening class which he took. Because that’s what I tell them when I sing his praises. Funny? Right? I know. Yup! I’m goofy that way. But the truth is I first saw him in a Tea cafe in one of the mall nearby. He was on the seat right behind from the one which was ours, me and couple of my friends. And I could tell, he was that exact kind of a person one would want to be seen with. No fuss, soft and contained in his manners. I nudged my friend in his direction and she hushed me saying ‘sssshhh ! He is our PG’. 😀 I mean cm’mn how was I to know that. Even at college, I live in my own world of me 🙈 Obviously I knew the person he was with but had no idea that he goes to the same college as ours. Such a Happy coincidence I would say.

And later when he walked into that evening class, I was done. I had to know his name and then it all began. Me writing him in my words and stealing glances at him every chance I got, creepy! I know. If he is in vicinity, I fail to take my eyes off him. He stirs in me something I have got so use to writing about. It’s all gonna end soon when he moves away this summer after graduating and that kind of makes me sad 😔 I would never get to seem him again and go drooling over him and his coloured checks and plain shirts and him in his surgical scrubs. Most people have one sided love story, i have a one sided story of infatuation and the very pivot of it is so unaware of his effects on me.

I wish I was like some damsel who could have asked him out for a date😀🙈 Gosssshhh! I don’t even know if he already has a girlfriend despite my heavy research work on him outside our hospital building. I hope he doesn’t 🙈😀

He is one day gonna make some girl very proud. I hope he knows that. And I hope he accidentally stumbles upon this on his news feed and decides to give it a read. And if he does, I hope my words made him blush just like thoughts of him does to my cheeks.

Author Notes: I think if it wasn’t for my class lag, I would not have got to know him at all. So I guess some Kind of rainbow always shines across the tumultuous clouds of rain and thunder.
If love is full of happiness, infatuation is a synopsis of blushes and smiles 😀

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17 Feb, 2020
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3 mins
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