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That Infinite Moment
That Infinite Moment

That Infinite Moment

Dee14Dina Cordiano
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She hid in the bathroom stall, no today would not be the same,

She looked in her mirror and cried you fool, you're not this lame,

She sat a little more then thought mom I know you hear me,

Up in heaven help me from this please, it's you i need to see,

They tell me to kill myself these bullies so mean,

They know nothing of my life, nothing I've seen,

The day that car hit you and you cried out my name,

That day that our lives would never be the same,

Why do they hate me and want me to die,

I don't even talk to them and I'm really quite shy,

With that the bell rang and she knew it was time,

Hiding was over but she was far from fine,

She walked out to be tripped miss popularity threw her into the wall,

Then put out her foot and everyone watched her fall.

Around her neck was a chain that belonged to her mom,

It popped off and shattered but she just sat there very calm.

Miss popularity always starts it, even cut a chunk of her hair,

Lies and says her mom killed herself, so the kids would all stare.

But today she lost her mom's chain in a moment of calm,

Peacefully, she tried to stand up and held out her palm.

You're going to feel what you're doing to me one day but not by this hand,

You're energy is wasted on hurting people instead of taking a stand.

Together we should all be shining a light,

Instead you're hurting me and I won't give you a fight.

They laughed and walked away, but the meanest looked down,

She stared in her face then said go home and drown.

Nobody wants someone like you around here,

Are you a girl or a boy or do we call you a queer.

So just go kill Yourself like I said before,

You'll never have friends here because I'll be right in front of you slamming the door.

Miss popularity went home that day not a care in the world,

Making plans for her night like a typical teenage girl.

When she walked in that day she walked in to a sight,

Her parents were at the table sitting quietly after what looked like a terrible fight.

Her dad's bags are packed but he was pleading his case,

He wanted to stay because this was his place.

She begged for them to explain what was going on,

But her mom said he had only an hour and then he'd be gone,

She was closest with dad so she knew he would tell,

What was so bad that they had to yell?

She was daddy's girl and could do no wrong,

From the day she was born, he would sing her that song.

But today was quite different; a very serious tone,

He said "sit down dear " and he spoke to her very grown.

I can no longer live in this body of a lie,

I was born to look different, I know I'm not supposed to be a guy.

I know that you love me and nothing will change,

For love conquers all, my feelings remain.

I give credit to youngsters who know who they are,

For they are the brave souls who've come so far.

I've lived so many years in not my own skin,

And teens are now brave enough to very early begin.

She jumped up out of love and respect for that man,

Picked up her phone and knew of her plan.

She called up that girl that she hurt with such might,

But what answered the line gave her such a fright.

The father of her target, broken in tears she'd never heard before,

She simply dropped her phone and then collapsed to the floor.

That girl hung herself that day...she couldn't take the sorrow,

She hoped to see her mom...there are no more days to borrow.

You just never know who you're hurting inside,

If you knew today was someone's last day, what would you do to try?

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About The Author
Dina Cordiano
About This Story
22 Jun, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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3 (View)
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