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That Old Name
That Old Name

That Old Name

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You call and call but I don't listen. I have told you, I don't use that old name anymore.

You laugh and mockingly use the name I had lovingly chosen for myself and I feel I have no choice but to answer you.

I calmly ask you not to use that old name. 'You've had that name your whole life and were okay with it then,' you say. 'Why did you decide you don't like it anymore? What could possibly be wrong with it?'

You see, nothing is wrong with that name. But it is not a name that fits me anymore.

It's like a childhood coat. Your coat can be beautiful and work perfectly, be clean and have no holes in it. But when you grow up and the sleeves are far above your wrists and is tight around your waist, it is time to get a new coat.

You're not saying that that coat was a bad coat by buying yourself a new one that fits you. You are saying it's time to move on and find comfort and warmth in a coat that you don't have to struggle to zip up and don't have to pull at to make it cover your long arms.

So when I ask you to use my new name I am asking you to let me have the new coat I have long needed.

I don't hate that old name. I just need a name that fits me now.

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13 Nov, 2020
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