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That One Look at You
That One Look at You

That One Look at You


Dear Crush —

You are like drug to heavy thoughts

So please! magically show up

Seven days and counting

And I’m already acting like an addict

Swore! I’m not a stalker

But I miss watching you from corners

In all your shades and pattern

Standing tall all so pulled together

like a heap of happy glitter

And talking something intelligible

Some beyond my comprehension

Everyone complains of how you make them work

I blush and wish that I was that lucky enough

To be that near following your instructions

Damn! I would have hanged on to your every word

like a child in wonder with a sugar rush

But for now I will settle for glimpse of you

In those crowded corridors and within the hospital walls

Me trying hard to navigate my way

with my gaze attached to your face

Is my kind of crazy and sane

More than weekends - I wait for Monday

Which you have turned into a new Sunday

Author Notes: They say love makes you do crazy things. But I guess, infatuation has that effect too.

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About This Story
7 Sep, 2019
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<1 min
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