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That One Night

That One Night

By reachamongthestars

You know, I have constantly thought back to those two mad weeks in which I was always eager to talk to you, willing to wait half a day just for your one sentenced replies. I have asked myself countless times as to whether you were worth my bother, and my heart always told me yes because I stupidly believed over and over again that we shared something special that one night. To this day, I still have your number memorised by heart, not because I deliberately learnt it for convenience's sake, but because of the times I have dialled it.

If by any chance, you happen to find this and read it, I hope that you will think back and remember how perfect it really was. Well for me at least, I thought that I had finally found a reason to be cheerful and someone who would treat me differently, because that night, I experienced something like a fairytale romance, not what I ever expected. But as time wore on, I knew that I had made a huge mistake. You of course, probably knew within in the next three days that I was not the one that you wanted, yet you still continued to promise more, showering me with compliments that you ought only to share with one girl. Not eleven.

That night, we met on a cruise. Neither of us belonged there of course. This was something that drew us together I suppose, my spirit for meeting new people and your lack of connections made it possible for conversation that was not too awkward. You came as some other girl's date (as a mate) and I invited myself. Neither of us had any obligation to go, but we went anyway, and for that one night, you were the epitome of perfection. You managed to "pick up" ten girls. Despite knowing that I was just one out of numberous other girls, I chose to persevere because I thought that I could be your first. I came extremely close, and I will always wonder what would have happened if I were to the one who stole your kiss.

Anyways, bringing the focus back onto that night, when we reached our respective homes at 12 in the morning, we chatted online and decided to have something called a "shower race", it was your idea. I was extremely tired and to be frank, did not want to take one until the sun rose again but it sounded like fun and we each took our showers and I think you beat me by a few minutes. When I had rushed back to the computer, I somehow asked you to call me. My phone was on silent and it was not on vibrate, so thank god I had put it in front of me face up. The screen lit up and I realised that you were actually calling me. By then it was already 1 in the morning. I snuck out into the next room to talk to you, in fear of the parents finding out. We managed to talk for one and a half hours. Between us, the events of the night were recounted, the way you took me to the top to dance for one last time when everyone was alighting the cruise and how we were both looking for each other. I somehow doubted and still continue to doubt that last part. But I still recall how you called me "the prettiest girl I have seen here tonight" in front of a circle of friends and randoms that I somewhat regret meeting that night.

******Maybe to be continued?****

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31 Oct, 2012
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3 mins
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