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That Voice, Your Voice Is Like a Sunbeam
That Voice, Your Voice Is Like a Sunbeam

That Voice, Your Voice Is Like a Sunbeam

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That afternoon dear

As I saw you escorting

Our professor with greetings

Walking respectfully behind

I leaned back and peeped from the cabin

I slipped and bent my knees

But oh ! How so sweet dear

You looked so clear

And when I saw you later

Measuring your footsteps

With your phone glued to your ear

I turned my head in fear

What if you notice - Me staring at You

I drank on your view - let it all sink in

You looked so adorable and cute

Like some perfect picture I couldn’t afford

And somehow that made me cheer

I blush thinking of the Saturday noon

A shoutout to your uninterrupted view

My eyes read you from head to toe

I had to slow down on my footsteps

To watch your receding figure

Which made me giddy on go

And that voice!

Your voice is like a sunbeam on rainy skies

Makes me dream of butterflies

And of that colour cream on your skin

And of that smile and your lips

You make me smitten and I forget

Forget the distance in between

And the fact that you don’t even know my name

And here I’m wishing for you to turnaround

And look my way ; just once

But definitely not in rage

I opened your name on my messenger

Typed a paragraph

But just when I was to send

I saw that green on your name

I jumped and used that backspace

Perhaps this is the only place

Where I can write to You

Knowing well enough You never gonna read them

But still ! A GIRL, so in infatuation with You, CAN HOPE

Author Notes: One of these days, I might just walk up to him and ask him out for a cup of coffee and cream. Perhaps. I have rehearsed it like zillion times in my head😀

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About This Story
12 Mar, 2020
Read Time
1 min
5.0 (1 review)

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