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That Was Then, This Is Now
That Was Then, This Is Now

That Was Then, This Is Now

IsLoveAnIllusion-- The Huntress --

Hearts were broken. Tears were shed. Blood has trickled out of people’s lifeless or fragile bodies. Mistakes were made.

And there’s no going back.

Just one law. 800 lachrymatory grenades. 2 deaths. Hundreds of casualties. Rubber and sack bullets.

Where is the home that we once loved and cherished? Does the recklessness of the government trying to grant a ridiculously useless and worthless law tear down the dignity and peace of this place?

Why is justice not fair? Not for the protesters who are just trying to defend themselves, but for the gangs that are washing their hands in innocent blood?

What is the point of walking on the street, trying to avoid looking at the damage that has been conflicted on this place that we once called a paradise? Slogans of all sorts appeared everywhere, unnerving people who just want a quiet and peaceful life.

By the way the highest order is ruling this city, it is like the Hunger Games coming to life. No, actually, everyone would rather volunteer as tribute and die in the arena than face the new revolting rules of the Capitol. But daringness took over and they chose another way. The reckless but more effective way.

They chose to defy and fight back.

Students are not supposed to run in the front line and take bullets for their future and home. They are supposed to go home, eat dinner with their family, fight with their siblings, do normal stuff.

Parents are not supposed to worry for their children’s safety and standing in front of the police, begging them not to hurt the futures of this society.

Police are not supposed to fire bullets in people’s face with only a 5-centimetre distance. They are supposed to help old people cross the street, arrest people that have committed crime.

The governors are supposed to keep the whole city in order, not chaos. Just one reckless take of an action that may have good intentions, flames flickered which quickly turned into an inferno. In addition, they refuse to admit they’re wrong, which is just about the most extreme sign of a hopeless person.

Children are not supposed to be pulled into this mess. They are too young, too pure, too innocent to see the city they were born in burning down into flames. Their home was now reduced to a pile of unfeeling ash that blows off into the wind.

Oh, dry those glistening tears, for we are going to fight for a better and brighter future. And the governors? Be warned.

If we burn, you burn with us.

Author Notes: I have nothing to say

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-- The Huntress --
About This Story
14 Aug, 2019
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2 mins
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