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That Which You Are

That Which You Are

By Me

The cathedral was damp and freezing cold,and in the abyssal shadows,I could see tendrils of Darkness darting about. Each step toward the organ was like thunder claps,echoing repeatedly in the distance until eventually evaporating against the ceiling. My eyes drifted to the beautiful gargoyles that occupied the ceiling, decorating it with their horrid beauty, and adding an amazing sense of evil to everything. The ceiling was black with purple and dark blue stones, all circling around and chasing each other across, to the walls; and down to the floors. My head seemed glued to my shoulders because of how long I was staring at the glorious decor. When I reached the stone steps leading up to the organ's seperate altar, my breath caught in my throat. The Organ was even more beautiful than I could've ever imagined! The wood was stark black, I could make it out perfectly, even in the dark, and when I lifted the lid; I was nearly blinded by the clear whiteness of the keys. Each one the milky shade of bones, which made my being here, all the sweeter, since I intended on seeing more than just those bones before the day is out. I gently caressed the leather seat, so elegently poised in front of the keys, then I sat down. For a moment, my hands hovered above the keys, trying to think of a song to play, trying to think of something that would feel right. Then it hit me, Requiem For A Dream, but with my own Gothic spinoff. But before my fingers floated down to meet the bone-like keys, I pulled my blade back out and placed it on my wrist, until I felt the beating of my own heart through my veins. The cold steel of the blade was almost evenly matched by the cold of the cathedral around me, until I slashed a line an inch deep into my wrist. The blood gathered up at the ridges of the cut and flowed out at an alarming speed, for anyone else; so I quickly slashed the other wrist. I didn't want the blood to go to waste, so my hands glided to the keys like old lovers and played. My right foot on the damper pedal when the song called for it, and my fingers hopping around on top of the keys at a blinding speed, but that's because I've been practicing. The song took hold of me and I was taken to a completely different place, as my blood flowed in a steady stream to the floor. My eyes closed and I could see myself in a black room, with no light or color, but as I looked around, I could see blood gathering in a pool, as if it were flowing out from under a door. I walked over to it to see what was on the other side, and when I laid my hand atop it-The sound of the Cathedral doors opening pulled me out of my little world, and I snarled in rage but kept playing feverishly. My eyes drooped closed and I lost myself in the music again, but in the middle of the song, someone tapped my shoulder. My hands dropped shakily away from the keys and I turned around slowly, to hide my blade; and when I saw her face, I nearly screamed. It was her! The girl I've been seeing in my dreams!

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About This Story
14 Jun, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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