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That Year
That Year

That Year

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Last year, was the worst year ever. Her family was falling apart and so were her friendships.

She had it all. She had a pretty nice life, apart for some drama in school and out of school, but other than that she was really happy. She had an amazing group of friends, amazing boyfriend, amazing grades, amazing... everything. But then, out of nowhere, it all came crumbling down. Uncontrollably. It was like an avalanche that had no end in sight. Everything that she had loved, everything that she had worked for, all came crumbling down. It was all gone, with the snap of a finger.

She would wake up excited to go to school. She'd get ready, go to school and see her friends standing in a circle waiting for her with excitement. They would walk to the front of our school where she'd see her boyfriend with his friends. All was great. A few days later, they broke up.

The night before the school dance

She had been excited, she thought he was going to ask her to dance. But that couldn't happen now. He had moved on, she guessed. Then all of a sudden he said something to her, something awful. Just awful. All of a sudden all of her friends started laughing at her, except for one. She cried and cried. She tried to ignore all of her "friends" except for the real one. Her best friend convinced her to still go to the dance and have fun! After all, she had her friends...right? Wrong. She got to the dance wearing a beautiful gold tight dress. She felt beautiful. Word was going around that her ex was asking people if she was what he had said earlier to her. She wanted to go home, she couldn't do it anymore.

But there was one person, her best BEST friend who stuck by her through everything, without thinking about her own reputation. That's why she will always be her best friend.

Her ex started bullying for the rest of the year. She got the principal involved but that didn't solve anything. It made it worse. Now the boy and his friends were after her. Calling her trash, to just die, the world would be so much better without her. These comments were okay to handle at first but after a while, she wondered if the comments were true. She thought of taking her own life, with everything that was going on, was it worth it for her to stay alive?

She did. She stayed alive so that she could grow up and do amazing things. The people who bullied her are at home watching her on TV.

Author Notes: She did try to take her own life, twice.

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4 Apr, 2019
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2 mins
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