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That's Not mine

That's Not mine

By corycates

    Mrs. Thomsan opened her front door. " Hello Betty."
    "It has been awhile. I am sorry I have not stopped by Bill's job decided to make his temporary move into a year leave." She smiled at Mrs. Thomsan and handed her a tray of cookies.
    "Come in and sit down for a bit." She stepped into the kitchen and sat the cookies on the table. "I remember now you said the move would be for three months."
    Betty sat across from her. "Yeah the pay was good but the town was a bore. I had to go to the next city just to find a decent place to shop. And the home they put us in was barely liveable. Enough of that what have you been up to this past year Lucy?"
    Lucy sat down with some tea. "Not to much. George took me to Hawaii during the summer. Mostly he has been working alot though."
    "That had to be nice. At least there was people all around alot better than where we were. And more places to shop." She grabbed a cup of tea, added some sugar and took a sip.
    "Margaret from across the street moved out a few months ago. They put her in a home and cleaned out her house. I have shown it to some potiential buyers but none like the price her grandson set."
    "O she was such a sweet old..."  Betty looked around the kitchen. "She was a sweet old lady."
    Lucy watched Betty look around. "How's the tea? I picked it a few day ago from the garden."
    "There it is again. Sounds like a baby crying."
    "A little bit after you left I found out I was pregnant and me and george had a baby girl."
    Betty swelled with joy. "That's so great Lucy we should go up and see what's causing the little miss to be so fussy. So I can meet this cute little girl."
    The baby cried out again. "Betty that would be impossible." Lucy started to cry. "The month after we brought her home Clair died one night in her crib. That was two months ago."
    Betty layed her cup down. "Lucy I herd a baby. Did you develop a sick since of humor over the last year." She got up and left the kitchen in a hurry.
    "Hey I wouldn't joke about something like that. Betty we don't really go into that room much. George likes to keep it the way it was when she passed away. Betty stop."
    She threw the door open. "How inconsiderate can you be Lucy? Letting this poor child cry for this long while you just sip on tea. You could of come up here." Betty stepped up next to the crib. "Aww she looks like George. Still that story was just cruel."
    Lucy stood in the hallway with a horrified look on her face as she saw Clair sitting in the crib. "Betty look on the shelf and tell me what you see."
    She smiled at Clair. "I'm not playing your game. Come here little Clair and see Betty. I will hold you that's what you need right now huh?" Betty reached into the crib to grab Clair but her hands passed right through her. " Lucy. Lucy what is going on here?'
    "George went out to get the priest who was at Clair's funeral. We figured he could deal with this situation. I told you that she was dead. Now let's go back downstairs slowly."
    Betty shaked with every step towards the door but a few steps away she stopped.
    Lucy stepped in to grab Betty and the door slammed shut. They both turned to Clair who had started to scream.
    Clair stood up and held the side of the crib. "Moma." She smiled. "Now we can play forever."
    George opened the door to let the pastor in. "We have seen things in Clair's room recently. I don't think me and Lucy could both be seeing the same thing unless it's real.
    "That is why I am here to see if it is spiritual or not." They went upstairs to Clair's room. "Which room are you seeing the baby..." There was a cry.
    "In that room right there. Where the baby just cried from." They opened to door to see Clair standing in her crib. "After you pastor." They entered the room and the door slammed behind them.
    "Now that you are back you can join moma." Clair bounced a few times before she giggled.
    "I command you demon to leave this home. Leave these people alone and give up the form of this baby."
    Clair laughed with an evil growl. "What do you mean through this baby I am born into this world. Her death is my birth. Now Father you will join mother and help this body to grow. As for you goodbye."
    "The Lord shall stop you de....."
    "Pastor where have you gone?"
    "I told him goodbye. You will stay with moma now.
    George dissapeared.
    "Now I have two new dolls and they will help me to grow. Right moma and father. She picked up the dolls and layed down for a nap.

Author Notes: Whoever said baby's where all cute

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27 Jun, 2014
Read Time
4 mins
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