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The Adventures of Nik (Chapter 1)
The Adventures of Nik (Chapter 1)

The Adventures of Nik (Chapter 1)

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Words in BOLD are from the original story, the book has been adapted to suit newer standards so please don’t think that I was this crazy as a kid (I mean, I kinda was though, just not this way)


Nik woke up on his couch that morning, wasted from the night before. He tried to make his way off the couch, but a horrible headache stopped him. He stayed there for a long time, before being brought to his senses by a large slobbery dog lick. “Aagh, when did I get a dog?” As he looked around he began to remember the night before, he and his friends had just graduated college and wanted to have one last party before they all went their separate ways.

Nik never had alcohol in his life, he always knew how bad it was for you, and since he was training to be a RN, he knew the negative effects always outweigh the positives. But last night his buddy had brought a 6 pack and Nik, thinking that now was the best time to try it, chugged three beers.

It didn’t work out too well for him, however, because as he attempted to pull himself off the couch, he was overcome with nausea and before he could find somewhere else, he puked everything he had eaten that night, right on the floor. With the little energy that he had left, he dragged the dog, that he now remembered was his, away from the mess and tied him to the door while he cleaned it up.

Nik was awakened again by his dog Max, but this time he was in his bed. It may have been a while since he drank the beer but it still had its effects on him. He coaxed himself out of the bed again and gulped down glasses of water and nausea pills, but they had very little effect on him. The best thing, he thought, is to get some fresh air and get my body moving. He took one step outside and the sun blinded him. He collapsed back inside and layed down on the ground for a while before getting up and getting sunglasses. His urge to puke was lessened, but it still took a lot of work to hold it back.

He made his way outside to his car, but he knew it was a dumb idea to try to drive. His father had died that way long ago and he vowed to never drive while intoxicated. Nik wandered, seemingly aimlessly until he made it to the local park. It seemed so quiet and so nice there. He sat down and closed his eyes as a nice cool breeze came in from the east. After the breeze subsided, He got up and continued walking. Nik was walking through the park and “wow” he said.

Then it happened. The world around him began to warp and change. The breeze returned but much, much stronger. Nik was tossed and turned until he fell face first into the ground. He slowly lifted his head. His face was covered in sand and the sun glared down on him. His back felt hot and when he wiped his hand on his face, he saw that his clothes had changed. He was wearing no shirt and baggy pants. “Where am I?” he managed to say.

“Arr,” a voice echoed. “What was that?” Nik looked around frantically. There was a small cave nearby and he scrambled over to it, but it was too late. He had been spotted.

Author Notes: God have mercy on your soul for actually reading whatever the heck this is. Please at least spare some sort of review or something, this took hours to decipher 3rd grade spelling.

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18 Nov, 2021
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2 mins
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